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2017 Year in Review | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Who else is having a hard time believing it’s 2018? I know, it’s crazy! I really wanted to write this blog post before the end of the year, but unfortunately I never got around to it. Since 2017 was a phenomenal year, it deserves a post about all my amazing clients who made it so special.

When I started the year, I wasn’t planning on going full time with my business. I had another full time job that made it difficult to get weekends off, so I put my business on the back burner while I continued to learn and grow. Before this, I maybe did 10 weddings a year. I loved weddings, but never had time to focus on them.

About a month into 2017, I was offered another full time job that gave me weekends off and more time during the week to work on my business. I completely re-branded and dove deep into the wedding world. When I started the year, I think I had three weddings booked. I ended the year with 26! Hard work occasionally does pay off.

While I still have another full time job and I probably always will (I’m not good with sitting around alone during the week), I can confidently say I am a full time wedding photographer.

2018 is looking like it will be my best year yet. I currently have 22 weddings and will probably stop when I reach 25. I’m also trying to take it slow-ish since I’m getting married in October. I say slow, but I still have five weddings surrounding my wedding. It will be a lot of work, but I know I’ll love it.

I can’t wait for all the couples I will meet and the beautiful moments I will capture.

Thanks for reading!

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