It’s so hard to believe that 2018 is over. I remember writing this blog post last year thinking about how amazing 2017 was. I knew 2018 would be incredible, but I never imagined how incredible it would be.

2018 was one of the best years of my life, both personally and professionally.

Let’s start with personally. Well, I got married. That was a pretty exciting life change and I’m so glad to be done with that experience. On top of having all these weddings, I had to plan my own. Do not recommend! Wedding planning is stressful and so much work. I’m looking forward to not having a wedding to plan this year

I also took several amazing vacations this year. Since my husband is a teacher and I’m a wedding photographer, we can only travel a few times a year. Typically my summer is booked with weddings, so we’re left to travel during his spring and winter breaks. In March, we decided to take a National Parks road trip. We drove across Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. It was incredible. Check out my blog post from that trip here! More recently, we just got back from our honeymoon cruising across Australia and New Zealand. I’ll be posting a full blog post shortly.

I also made some amazing amazing friends and connections in the vendor community. Technically this is a professional accomplishment, but all the ‘friendors’ have personally affected my life in amazing ways. I’m so thankful for everyone I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with this year.

Now, onto the business side of things. 2018 was by far the biggest year for my business. I remember thinking at the end of 2017 that I really just wanted to get to 25 weddings. I believe I had around 20 booked at the time. Well, I basically doubled that number.

Over the last few years, I never really thought I could have a life as a wedding photographer. I always thought of it as a hobby even though I was working at it full time. In 2018, I really started to think of myself as a legit professional. Can I be super real with you all? Confidence isn’t my strong suit. I constantly struggle with feeling like I’m not good enough. I’m still struggling, but 2018 definitely helped improve my confidence. Maybe by the end of this year, I’ll actually feel like I’m worthy of this amazing career I have.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some things that made 2018 so special:

  • Photographed 38 weddings under my own business name and had the honor of second shooting 4 weddings with other amazing photographers.
  • Photographed 35 engagement sessions. The majority of these sessions were for my 2019 booked couples.
  • I received 28 5-star reviews over the course of the year on The Knot. I really can’t thank all my amazing couples enough for this. Because of these incredible kind words, I received the Best of the Knot award for the second year in a row.
  • More than 100 couples inquired with me about booking 2018 and 2019 weddings. I really wish I could work with everyone, but unfortunately there aren’t enough weekends in a year.
  • I hired an intern! Well, more like, I acquired one! Haha! I never had any intention of having an intern, but I met a wonderful up and coming photographer who was/is so passionate about learning from me and now I love her to pieces. I would have gone crazy without her this year. Stay tuned for more exciting updates…did I say associate photographer? Maybe!
  • My images have been published in 6 wedding blogs and 1 print publication this year!
  • I organized and/or participated in 8 styled shoots. I love these so much because I have the chance to be super creative and practice my techniques.
  • I made countless friends! There are several former clients who I talk to on a regular basis. I may even be talking to one now as I write this article. Hi Katie! Apart from clients, some of my best friends are fellow vendors who I only met through this crazy industry. Thank you so much to everyone who accepted me and actually wants to spend time with my sarcastic self.

Anyway, I think that’s enough bragging for one day. Even though this article was all about me, none of these accomplishments would have been possible without YOU. Thank you for reading my blog, visiting my website, wanting to work with me, and interacting with me on social media. Thank you for accepting me and making me feel worthy in this crazy world. I really truly mean this, I appreciate you so much!

Keep scrolling for some of my favorite images from the year! The couples below remind me every day why I do what I do. Thank you again for making this dream life possible.

By the way, I’m still accepting 3 more 2019 weddings. Contact me today to secure your date!

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