When I’m meeting with clients for the first time, I’m constantly asked if I follow a shot list or can make Pinterest ideas come to life. My answer is always yes and no. Yes, I absolutely love seeing your inspiration and will constantly be viewing what you pin, but I will not recreate your Pinterest board because of the reasons listed below. Read on to learn how your wedding will be even better than the Pinterest wedding you’ve been planning for years!

Let me start by saying Pinterest is an amazing resource! I am constantly pinning away and even used the site to get inspiration for my own wedding day. I am in no way discouraging the use of Pinterest. I actually encourage my clients to send me a board so I can get a sense of their vision for the day!

However, I make sure all my clients are aware that I will not copy their Pinterest Board. Here’s why!

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1. It’s technically illegal to copy someone else’s creative idea!

Let me just get the legalities out of the way. Whenever a photographer creates something truly amazing, all photographers hate that they didn’t think of it first. While we can use the image for inspiration, it is illegal for us to recreate the image exactly. This can be a sticky situation, but by taking someone else’s idea and remaking it, we are violating copyright laws.

That being said, I love seeing your inspiration and hearing about your thoughts. If you absolutely love some creative shots with smoke bombs or sparklers, we can make it happen. Instead of showing me an image and saying ‘I want that,’ ask what creative ideas I have to make something truly unique to your wedding.

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2. There are a lot of factors that come into play when you’re creating a great image!

Your wedding will not look like the wedding on your Pinterest Board. No matter how hard you try, it’ll be different. You know why? Because most wedding images pinned are from styled shoots. Styled shoots always take place with model couples in perfect light. Basically, the images you are gushing over aren’t from a real wedding day after all.

With that in mind, your day will be even more perfect than those fake images because it is YOUR day. You created the day from scratch with the help of an amazing team and it’ll be perfect. Even if the weather isn’t the best or you weren’t able to perfectly put together that DIY project, your day will be the perfect representation of you.

You also look different than the model! I love it when you come to me and know what type of photos you like, but keep in mind, that particular pose might not flatter you. Everyone is so different and not every pose will look good on all body types.

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3. Your photographer will perform best when they’re allowed to be creative!

Following a Pinterest shot list can be distracting. It’s difficult to have to continuously make sure I’m getting a long list of must have shots/poses. Chances are most of what you want is already in my mental shot list. I have a list of 100+ shots I get at every wedding. If you’ve seen it on Pinterest, chances are I have too. If it’s a doable shot that I think will work for your day, I’m probably already planning on making it happen.

One exception to this is if you want something out of the ordinary. For example, if you want a picture of your ring hand with your mother’s ring hand or your flower girl in your shoes (both have been requested a couple times, but aren’t super common), tell me! Shots like this would not normally be on my mind unless you request it. I do ask, though, that you limit your requested shots to less than 10. Like I said above, it will take away some creative freedom and more moments will be missed if I’m constantly checking a list.

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The bottom line is, you deserve the best! Pinterest is an amazing resource for inspiration, and just inspiration. Every vendor will welcome the opportunity to look at your board, but keep in mind, the specific shots/cake/dress/etc will look different in real life. Different in a good way!

Instead of fantasizing about your gorgeous Pinterest wedding, start thinking about how your wedding will be even better than the fantasy wedding you’ve been pinning. Think about how to incorporate yourself into every aspect of your day. Make your day true to you, not true to whatever society tells you it should look like.

Never hesitate to send over ideas though. All vendors love a good starting point, which will allow their creativity to flow freely.

So, get to pinning! Find your inspiration and then allow your wedding professionals to do what they do best! I, along with your full team of wedding professionals, will work hard to create unique and beautiful images that are completely your own!

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Hear from past and present brides:

“Pinterest helped me find my dress. I also learned that if a shop carries the designer you like but not the dress you found that they can sometimes order a sample from the designer for you to try. I did have to make a board of what I was actually going to do rather than the board that had years of unrealistic wedding dreams. “

Rebecca O.

“Pinterest helped me pick my wedding colors, diy decor, and general inspiration. I also found a pie chart telling me how much i should spend of my budget per category. It was a great guideline that helped keep me on budget. “

Jean A.
EA bride wedding inspiration

“As a current bride, Pinterest has definitely been a huge help! It is a great resource to find inspiration, pick elements of what you like and see things you don’t like. There are a lot of resources on how to do things within your budget, especially if you are into DIY! My fiance is building a mantle for us to stand in front of for the ceremony after we looked at several options on Pinterest!”

Chelsea N.

“I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. There are so many beautiful things that I know I cant afford to recreate. But we have gotten a few ideas from there. I picked my colors from a Pinterest post, and have used it as inspiration to make welcome signs and custom champagne glasses for my bridesmaids.”

Sidney S.
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“As a present bride, I don’t know how people planned weddings before Pinterest! I’ve used it for inspiration for engagement photo poses, cake design, dress design, color schemes, bridal party gifts, decorations, and even my wedding band style. I’m not very creative myself, so it’s nice to be able to browse the ideas and help decide what I do and don’t like.”

Samantha G.

“I didn’t use Pinterest a whole lot. I did use Pinterest to kind of get an idea of what wedding dresses I liked, although I ended up with something completely opposite of what I thought I would like.”

Brooke L.
Pillowfight at the altar at Countryside Chalet in Linwood Kansas

Hear from other wedding vendors:

“My destination wedding clients use it a lot for ideas.. it’s great way to share with wedding coordinator to get an idea on your vision – but important to understand most photos are staged so decor/flowers are on higher end. Need to prepare yourself for budget or willing to do less if you have a set budget.”

Haley Davis – Destinations HD Travel

“As a hairstylist/makeup artist, I’ve come to mostly like Pinterest. It give me a sense of the brides style & helps me explain/ask questions about specific parts of hair or makeup picture. The downside of Pinterest is unrealistic expectations. Most of the hair pictures have added extension hair to give more volume. The makeup pictures are usually a lot more makeup than the bride is wanting in real life. Usually the photo is highly filtered also. As long as the bride knows that these are inspiration pictures & might not be exact, then it can be a big benefit. “

Amanda Pogue – Studio A Salon
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