If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know the wedding industry is in shambles lately. No one is booking anything due to COVID-19 and for good reason. It’s hard to think about your future happiest day when the rest of the world is circling the drain. I completely understand balancing the reality of the world with your wedding plans, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are several ways you can virtually plan your wedding while we wait for everything to go back to normal.

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Wedding planning has definitely stopped for the majority of Kansas City brides, but love hasn’t stopped! In the last week, I’ve seen several of my Facebook friends announce engagements. When you’re stuck at home with someone, it’s pretty easy to figure out whether you want to spend the rest of your life with them, so engagements have actually picked up through this craziness.

According to the Wedding Report, they’ll be a huge surge in 2021 weddings. The report said there could be a 20-25% surge, which would be equal to around 500,000 more weddings across the US. This is based on 709 results from couples and 421 results from wedding vendors. These results were collected from 3/28/2020 to 4/7/2020.

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Since you will be competing with so many additional couples to secure your prime date, now is the time to begin your planning!

If you are a 2020 bride, read this post and this one first! If you are a 2021 bride or later, you have tons of time to virtually plan your wedding (but be sure to not take too long if you want to secure that Saturday in October.)

While you’re sitting on your couch binging Netflix, here are 3 ways to virtually plan your wedding!

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1. Virtually tour some venues!

I know it’s hard to get a feel about a venue through pictures, so ask if you can have a virtual walk through. Several venues already have virtual tours on their website, but if they don’t, ask if you can get on Zoom or FaceTime to have them walk you through the space. Most venues will jump on the opportunity to chat with a perspective couple even if the way of chatting is nontraditional.

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2. Start Pinning!

It’s never too early to put together your dream wedding. Pinterest is an amazing resource for anyone planning a wedding and you’ll be able to set up a board for all your ideas when reality gets back to normal. You could even create a group board, so your wedding party feels like they’re a part of the planning even without your weekly wine nights. Need some inspiration to start with? Check out my Pinterest to see all the beautiful Kansas City weddings.

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3. Start emailing vendors!

I know putting down money on a vendor is probably the last thing you want to do right now, but it doesn’t hurt to begin the conversation. If you have your heart set on a particular vendor, let them know. A lot of vendors are reducing deposits at the moment until you get back on your feet, so don’t hesitate to ask if they have a way to reserve the date without putting the full amount down.Vendors are missing weddings so much and it doesn’t help that conversations with perspective brides have stopped. Show us some love and reach out even if you don’t plan on booking immediately. If you’re looking for photographers, this is a great time to ask to see a full wedding gallery or view a complete album. Several bridal shops are even doing virtual meetings for you to get a sense of the dresses available. When it comes to planning your wedding, most pictures won’t do it justice so ask if you can hop on Zoom and go through the consultation process. That way when the world does go back to normal, you’ll be the first one to say you’re ready to book.

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Life is hard right now, but planning your wedding through the Coronavirus doesn’t need to be. As soon as this is all over, every vendor will be swamped with inquiries. Make sure you don’t miss out because you feel the time isn’t quite right. You’ll never have more free time than you do now, so take advantage of it and start virtually planning your wedding!

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Great advice – I’ll be sharing it for sure!

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