4 Best Places for Sunset Photos in Kansas City

If you've followed my work for a while, you know I absolutely love the sunset! It's the absolute most beautiful time for day, but not all locations are ideal for seeing that  panoramic sky. That's why I created this list of the 4 Best Places for Sunset Photos in Kansas City. Whether you're looking for a place in Kansas City for engagement photos or wedding photos, this list has you covered!


What makes a perfect sunset shoot? The answer to this question isn't straight forward at all. I constantly have clients asking what we can do to get the best sunset photos, but there is never any guarantee unless you can control the weather. The most important part of having amazing sunset photos is a partially cloudy sky! Clear skies might get you a bit of color and completely cloudy skies will give you a dramatic moody look, but you need a partially cloudy sky in order to get you the absolute best colors! Big puffy clouds are my absolute favorite and the sky tends to light up the most whenever there's a storm headed our way. 

Next, time of day is important. I typically start taking sunset photos 15 minutes before sunset and go until 15 minutes after sunset. Some of the best colors come through after the sun is already gone. Of course, weather also plays its part. If it's cloudy, the best colors might be 30 minutes before the official sunset time. If it's a clear day, we can shoot a little past that window. Moral to the story, there's no way to predict exactly what the sunset will look like each day. 

Beautiful sunset after a wedding ceremony at the Bowery wedding venue in Spring Hill Kansas by Kansas City wedding photographer

The time of year can also play a part. This isn't scientifically proven by any means, but I've always been partial to Fall sunsets. I feel like the colors are more vibrant in October and November. Summer sunsets are the next best followed by Spring and then Winter. Winter can have gorgeous sunsets, but it seems too gloomy most days to see many colors.

The final part of trying to get the best sunset photos is where this list comes in! Location! You need a location on high ground with minimal trees blocking the view. Check out these 4 best places for sunset photos in Kansas City to make all your sunset dreams come true! They all have gorgeous views, pending the weather of course.

P.S. if anyone has found a way to control the weather, let me know...

Sunset wedding portraits at the Brownstone in Topeka Kansas

1. Wyandotte County Lake

This is one of my newest, favorite locations! Before sunset, you have gorgeous golden light coming through the trees. During sunset, head down by the lake and get a full view of all the colors the sun will create. There are tons of locations at Wyandotte County Lake that work, but I've discovered the lake area right by the entrance to be the best!

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Sunset photos at Wyandotte County Lake
Sunset photos at Wyandotte County Lake

2. Wells Overlook Park

This is located in Lawrence, so it's not exactly in Kansas City, but the drive is worth it. There's an overlook tower that will give you a 360 degree view of the sunset. The park doesn't have much to do, but the tower makes it worth it. Side note, Apple Maps has a hard time finding Wells Overlook Park since there is also an Overlook Park in Lawrence. Use Google Maps and make sure it routes you through Wells Overlook Drive.

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3. Shawnee Mission Park

Shawnee Mission Park can be a hit or miss when it comes to sunset photos, but I thought it was worth including in this list. Most of the park is on fairly low ground, so you don't always luck out with the best view. Once in a while, the clouds open in just the right way to give you a gorgeous view!

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4. Liberty Memorial

If you're wanting to stay in the downtown area, Liberty Memorial is perfect! The monument platform is high enough that you can really get a great view of the sky regardless of the direction you're standing. There are also tons of other photo opportunities before the sun goes down! Be sure to go early because it can get pretty crowded during peak seasons!

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Liberty Memorial Kansas City engagement session
Kansas City Wedding Photographer

To summarize, there's no guarantee you'll be able to take a perfect sunset picture (darn weather!), but follow these suggestions on the best places for sunset photos in Kansas City to have the best chance at capturing some magic!

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