benefits of hiring a photo/video team

5 Benefits of Hiring a Photo/Video Team

To continue my announcement of eGolden Moments Photo + Film, I’m going to give you 5 Benefits of hiring a photo/video team. Before I started offering videography, I always told couples it was best to book the services individually since one person can’t possibly do a good job with both. Well, I was wrong and I’m also not one person. I’ve been turning away couples for years because I thought I had to do it all and the thought stressed me out. I mentioned the idea casually to Kyle about doing video, never thinking in a million years he would say yes. Once again, I was wrong.

I’m so glad I no longer have to turn away couples who are looking for a photo/video team! Even though you can still book photography without videography, there are several benefits of booking a team. Here are 5 benefits of booking a photo and video team.

1. You only have to book one company

Kyle and I got married in 2018 and we’re fully aware of how annoying it is to keep up with all the vendors. I was constantly communicating with my photographer and completely spaced that the same information might be helpful for the videographer. I would send him a Facebook late at night saying something like “BTW, this is the timeline. You probably need this.” I couldn’t remember who I told what to and it was really irritating. It would have been so nice to have one point of contact for all my documenting needs. Hi, I’m Elizabeth! When you email eGolden Moments Photo + Film, you will talk to me. Kyle and I share everything, so anything that you say to me will also be communicated to him. You won’t need to have the same conversation with both of us to make sure all your photo and video needs are met. We got this! Same goes for paying the invoice. Yay for one less invoice to keep track of!

2. It can be more cost-effective

When I was determining a price for videography, I did quite a bit of market research. I didn’t want to undercut the market, but I also wanted to give my clients a pretty good rate for booking photo and video through me. The majority of my clients in the past have elected to not have a videographer and that makes me really sad! Everyone deserves a great wedding video regardless of budget. That is why I’ve competitively priced our packages that include video. You won’t have to pay double your photography cost to get a highlight video.

Photo Credit: The Woo Booth

3. Your photos and video will be shot in the same style

My photography style has always been bright and joyful filled with candid laughter and unscripted moments. Our videos will be shot with the same style. Our videos focus on authentic looks and natural reactions meaning your video will have the same mood as your photos. Of course, video can’t exactly match the lighting and post-production style of photos, but you can still expect life-like colors and vibrant imagery.

Photo Credit: Josie Pix

4. I pose with video in mind

If you’ve ever been in a wedding with both a photographer and videographer, I’m sure you’re well aware of the differences in posing. The photographer will have you walk toward the camera and then the videographer will have you do the exact same thing only at a slightly different angle. It’s annoying and cuts your portrait time in half when you’re not having to repeat each pose. From a photography perspective, I’ve had multiple videographers re-pose a couple to fit their style taking away precious time we had for a different location. With hiring a photo/video team, you will never be asked to redo a pose. Kyle does not pose. He stands in the background, capturing my poses as they happen. There might be a few times we’ll ask you to slow down for the sake of video, but you will never be asked to repeat a pose or move to a different location because the background doesn’t fit the videographer’s style.

5. We kinda like each other

Have you ever been part of a wedding where the photographer and videographer were butting heads? Probably even if you didn’t realize it at the time. I would say I have a hard time getting along with 50% of videographers because they’re either always in my way or try to control my timeline. Kyle knows my process. He knows exactly where I stand for the ceremony. He knows the exact angle I’ll want to be in for the first kiss. He knows the flow of my posing. I won’t be tripping over him all day because he knows how I work. Plus, he’s like a full foot taller than me, so I’m not afraid to be in his way. He can always just shoot over my shoulders when necessary. On top of it all, I chose to spend my life with this human because he’s a cool guy and I like him a bit. We’re pretty good at communicating with each other (borderline mind reading), so we can help each other out through the day. This, as a result, gives you the best stress-free wedding experience!

Photo Credit: Staci Ann Moore Photography

If you’re in the market for a Kansas City wedding photographer and videographer, you should probably check out the best team in the market (hint, it’s us)! Visit our new videography page to learn more!


  1. UM HELLO can you say “Dream Team”? I find it so hard to work with videographers (for all the reasons you said) – this is the perfect solution and will make your couples’ wedding planning so much easier too! Congratulations!

  2. This is so awesome and convenient for couples! Also, it must be nice to work with someone you know so that you aren’t getting in each other’s way

  3. It’s so cool that you can offer both to your clients now! I hope to one day bring my husband on as a videographer with me too!

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