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7 Best Exits to Complete Your Wedding Day

I LOVE LOVE LOVE wedding exits. Why? Because these images look unlike anything else you can take all day. How often do you have the opportunity to play with sparklers with your best friends in pitch black conditions? Unless you are huge into photography and the fourth of July, you’ve probably never had an opportunity to take these types of photos.

As a photographer, I really love these photos because they get my creative juices flowing! I have to use everything I’ve ever learned about camera settings and lighting to create a pretty epic shot for you to treasure forever.

Most of my couples actually decide to have a “fake exit” in order to naturally end photography coverage. With a fake exit, we don’t need to wait until the end of the night. Typically these photos will take place around 9 or 10 and only include your closest friends and family. This way you still get those amazing photos while everyone is still sober enough to handle fire and you won’t need to pay your photographer to stick around through three hours of open dance (no one needs that long of coverage)! You can have your exit and then get back to partying the night away!

There are several different types of exits that best complete your wedding day! Here are my 7 favorites in no particular order! Every time of exit serves a purpose! Which one is right for your day?

Venue in Leawood Wedding

1. Sparklers

I’ll start with the most obvious one. Whenever someone thinks about having an exit, sparklers are the first thought. Regardless of how many times I photograph sparkler exits, I never get tired of them. Each exit can be uniquely creative and special.

Pro-tip: Be sure to walk slowly and lookup. The sparklers are not going to attack you. I have been under so many sparkler exits and have yet to catch on fire (knock on wood…). I’ve also never had a bride catch on fire. Trust me, you will be fine.

Pro-tip #2: Before deciding on a sparkler exit, please confirm your venue allows it. Some venues are more strict than others, so be sure to go over their contract and ask questions if you still aren’t sure.

The Haven Event Space wedding
Wedding sparkler exit in Manhattan Kansas
Executive Hills Polo Club wedding

2. Glow Sticks

If your venue doesn’t allow sparklers, glow sticks are a safer alternative. I’ve never met a venue who wasn’t cool with glow sticks and you can create some awesome effects with a talented photographer!

Pro-tip: Get some quality, long glow sticks. The shorter ones just won’t do the trick.

Pro-tip #2: Allot a few extra minutes to getting some creative shots. Your photographer can mess around with awesome light trails and long exposure shots if given the time!

Executive Hills Polo Club wedding glow stick exit
Glow stick exit at Union Horse in Lenexa
Best wedding exits

3. Fiber Wands

Similarly to glow sticks, fiber wants can be a fun alternative to traditional exits. Your guests can wave them with purpose while you walk through!

Lodge at Ironwoods wedding
Glow stick exit at the Haven
The Haven Event Space wedding

4. Flower Petals

I’ve only had a few couples consider this type of exit, but it’s great if you’re looking for a biodegradable throwing option. With this exit, leave with elegance. This could even be used as an exit from your ceremony instead of waiting until the end of the night.

Pro-tip: The bigger the petals, the better. Brighter petals will photograph better at night.

Pro-tip #2: Ask your florist if they would be willing to give you some extra flower girl petals for the exit.

Kimble Castle wedding in Manhattan
Flower petal exit at the Grand Hall in KC
Belvoir Winery wedding

5 Bubbles

Bubble exits are great because they work in day or night. Invest in some cheap party favors with your names on them, so the kids (let’s be real, adults love bubbles too) can even take home the bubbles at the end of the night.

Pro-tip: You can order large quantities of bubbles from Amazon and then labels from Etsy. I did this for my own wedding and the whole thing probably cost $20. Make sure you give yourself enough time for the Etsy order to arrive though!

Lone Summit Ranch wedding reception
Bubble blowing after wedding ceremony at Kansas City church
Brooklyn Hall at Enright Gardens wedding

6. Smoke Bombs

This is my signature exit! It’s perfect paired with sparklers, but can be just as awesome by themselves. Most venues are fine with them as long as you clean up after yourselves, but it’s always best to confirm first.

Pro-tip: Stock up on smoke bombs in your wedding colors during the Fourth of July! They’ll be super cheap and you’ll have tons of options to choose from!

Pro-tip #2: Smoke bombs can get hot after you’re done, so bring something non-flammable to clean them up with.

Pro-tip #3: They can stain, so if you are worried about having residue on your dress, get a lighter color smoke bomb.

Pro-tip #4: This is pretty self-explanatory, but concrete is best. Gravel will stain and grass will most likely catch on fire. Let’s avoid wildfires please.

Wedding smoke bombs in Manhattan Kansas
Smoke bomb wedding exit
Smoke bomb wedding exit
Sparkler exit at Heritage Ranch wedding

If you like the idea of fireworks, but want to go big or go home… could always actually light up the night sky with a real fireworks display! Your wedding will for sure be the hit of the season!!!

7. Something Unique To You

From wands to swords, the possibilities are endless. If you aren’t sure what idea fits your day the best, try thinking outside the box!

Elysian Fields wedding
Harry Potter wand wedding exit

What type of exit are you planning? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I love all of these ideas! Here we rarely do things like this as our receptions typically go until the middle of the night, so I’m kind of jealous when I see photos like these!! 🙂

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