best wedding trends of 2019

5 Best Wedding Trends of 2019

Happy last day of 2019! Are you excited about all the beautiful weddings we'll see in 2020? I know I am! In order to properly close out the year, I wanted to put together a roundup of the Best Wedding Trends of 2019. As someone who likes breaking away from the norm and walking to my own beat, there were quite a few features in 2019 that I hope continue into 2020!

2018 was the year of the shoe game, dollar dance, and dinosaur costumes. 2019 seemed to focus less on traditional reception events and more on the couple. I even had a few couples elect not to do many formal dances in order to spend the time with their guests.

Now, here are 5 of my favorite trends of 2019!

1. Colorful bridal bouquets

Not that there's anything wrong with neutral colors, but 2018 was the year for blush and cream. I absolutely love blush. In fact, my bouquet was blush. However, it was really nice to see all the vibrant colors in 2019. Instead of blush, we had hot pink loaded with tons of greenery. I will never get over greenery. Let's hope all the vibrant colors continue into the next decade!

Orrick Missouri wedding
Gage Park wedding portraits Topeka
Berry Acres wedding venue in Odessa
Kansas wedding photography
Scooter World wedding Kansas City

2. Scavenger Hunt Game

I saw the Scavenger Hunt Game a couple times in 2018, but it really started blowing up in 2019. I've never seen a scavenger hunt game not force your guests to have a blast. In case you don't know, the scavenger hunt game is essentially adult musical chairs. The DJ has a bunch of your guests sit on the dance floor and gives ridiculous tasks like "go into the crowd and get 62 cents," "bring back an ID that isn't a driver's license," or my personal favorite "grab something women wear that you cannot see." Your guests always have an amazing time and the picture opportunities are priceless.

Kansas City wedding
Kansas City wedding
Scavenger hunt wedding reception in Kansas City
Scavenger hunt wedding reception in Kansas City
Olathe wedding reception

3. Fake Exits

Let's be real. No one wants a bunch of drunk guests handling sparklers, so in 2019, I saw an influx of fake exits. Fake exits usually happen about an hour into the open dance portion of the reception as a way to get those amazing exit photos without having to actually leave. This way your guests are still mostly sober and able to handle fire without the threat of burning the venue down. I always recommend fake exits as well because they're a good, natural end to photography coverage. No one needs more than an hour of open dance time. After a while, it all starts to look the same, so having a fake exit is a good way for me to touch base with you and then peace out while you continue to party the night away. Exits are also an awesome way to end your album. The day starts with details and ends with a goodbye as husband and wife. No one needs to know you didn't actually leave 🙂 Keep in mind, not all venues allow sparklers. If they don't, you can still have an amazing exit by using glowsticks or bubbles. The possibilities are endless!

Party the night away and don't miss out on amazing exit pictures in 2020!

Kansas City night wedding pictures
Sparkler exit at schwinn produce farm
Timber Creek barn wedding in Missouri
sparkler exit in hutchinson kansas wedding

4. Smoke bombs

Ok, I'm pretty sure I started this trend and it's only popular with my couples, but it should probably become a thing industry-wide. Call me trendsetter! It all started with an idea I had in early 2018 at a styled shoot. I wanted to capture a couple in front of some smoke to create a really magical image. It took about a year for this image to take off, but three of my 2019 couples wanted to incorporate smoke bombs into their wedding. Two couples decided to mix smoke bombs and sparklers, making absolutely epic photos. One couple allowed me 30 minutes during their day just to play with smoke bombs! Let's continue this trend in 2020!

The photo that started it all
Smoke bomb wedding exit
Smoke bomb engagement session in Lawrence
Smoke bomb wedding exit
Wedding smoke bombs in Manhattan Kansas

5. Long Veils

I've gushed about long veils on social media for years, but my 2019 brides really started to take note. The majority of my brides had veils and more than half of them were long and flowy. I love veils in general, but whenever there's a long veil I can use to create breathtaking photos, my life is complete. Long veils are my favorite because I can use them to add more magic to the image. I can shoot from underneath the veil, use the veil to create leading lines, and just add a more light and airy feel to any image. Just be sure to take the veil out before dancing since it can get annoying after a while. I sometimes even recommend only having the veil on from the ceremony to sunset photos. That way, you can show off your gorgeous hairstyle in your first look photos and give your husband something new to see as you're walking down the aisle. You also won't be weighed down by having the veil all through the night. Choose a long veil and you won't regret it!

Topeka Capital wedding photography
Wedding reception at Belvoir Winery
Berry Acres wedding venue in Odessa
Summer wedding in Kansas City
Wedding portraits at World Revival Church
Gorgeous veil by Veronica couture veils in Kansas City

What were your favorite trends of 2019? What do you hope to see more of in 2020? Tell me in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “5 Best Wedding Trends of 2019

  1. I love these trends! Especially the scavenger hunt games! This is the first that I’ve heard of them, but I hope they continue to gain popularity. So fun!

  2. I’ve seen the scavenger hunt game here but actually haven’t seen it in recent years! You’d see it as a way to decide the order in which tables get to go to the buffet line. I’ve never seen it played just for fun haha!

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