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5 More of the Best Kansas City Wedding Venues

Last year, I wrote a post on the 7 best Kansas City wedding venues! A year has passed and I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many more incredible venues, so I wanted to add 5 more to the list!


The 5 best Kansas City wedding venues are:

  1. Backwoods Venue 222
  2. Home Place at Valley View
  3. Flander Hall
  4. Belvoir Winery
  5. Timber Creek Event Center

Keep scrolling for all the details about these incredible Kansas City wedding venues in no particular order!

Side note: These venues don’t give me anything to endorse them. I just love them that much!

Backwoods Venue 222 – Gower, Missouri

First off, Aimee, the owner, is incredible. She’s been trying to get me out to her space in Gower, Missouri for years. The stars didn’t align for us until last month when I had the pleasure of organizing a styled wedding shoot on her property. My favorite feature has to be the twinkly lights! The entire reception hall is filled with so many twinkly lights to make any photographer’s dreams come true. You are also able to see an amazing view of the sunset. Plus, you’re out in the country so light pollution is non-existent. Aimee and her team go above and beyond to make sure you have an incredible day! If you’re down for a little drive, you can’t find a better barn setting in the area!

Check them out online here!

Wedding sunset at Backwoods Venue 222
Gower Missouri indoor wedding
Backwoods Venue 222 wedding gower missouri
Backwoods Venue 222 wedding inspiration
Backwoods Venue 222 wedding
Backwoods 222 wedding cake a boo

Home Place at Valley View – Camden, Missouri

Another great barn venue, the Home Place at Valley View has everything you could possibly need in a space. The outdoor ceremony option has built in seating to help your guests stay comfortable throughout the ceremony. You’re also up on a hill, giving a perfect backdrop to view the sunset. The reception area is extremely large, so your guests will have no problem social distancing and the getting ready room is topnotch. So many white walls and natural light will give your photographer tons to work with. The whole team is also extremely accommodating. They’ll drive you around throughout their entire property to make sure you get that phenomenal sunset shot! There are no shortages of perfect photo locations. If you’re wanting a large space with tons of greenery, this is the perfect venue for you! Plus, they’re totally cool with you having an epic sparkler or smoke bomb send off!

Check them out online here!

Camden Missouri wedding venue
Smoke bomb wedding exit
Sunset at the Home Place at Valley View
Home Place at Valley View
Orrick Missouri wedding
Home Place at Valley View

Flander Hall – Excelsior Springs, Missouri

I’ve shot at Flander Hall a couple times now and I am obsessed with the downtown Excelsior Springs area! There are so many awesome places to explore without needing to go too far. The setting is a bit more urban than others on this list, but you can still get some of that greenery feel by walking down the road. One downside is the area is a little low to the ground, so you can’t see a full sunset, but you’re still able to capture some gorgeous natural light outside the venue! One of my favorite features has to be the getting ready floor. This floor also doubles as a cocktail space, but there are so many nooks and crannies to take detail photos in the earlier part of the day! Plus, your bridal party isn’t confined to one room. They have an entire floor to await the ceremony. I also really love the reception area. It’s divided into two floors to give your guests ample space and allow for a pretty packed dance floor. The ceremony/reception space feels very old-school ballroom, which gives you a perfect backdrop for all your important moments.

Check them out online here!

Flander Hall wedding excelsior springs missouri
Flander Hall wedding excelsior springs missouri
Beautiful missouri wedding at Flander Hall
Beautiful missouri wedding at Flander Hall
Downtown Excelsior Springs wedding
Excelsior Springs wedding photography
Historic Flander Hall wedding
Crumbs and Confections wedding cake
Kansas City Royals Slugger wedding
Night time wedding photos at Flander Hall

Belvoir Winery – Liberty, Missouri

I love Belvoir Winery so much because there is no shortage of picture opportunities around the property and the reception hall is a perfect blank canvas to make your wedding dreams come true. I love whenever I find a space with white walls since you’re really able to make the space your own. Plus, white walls are great for pictures! The getting ready room is also one of my favorite spots! It’s massive, so there’s tons of room to fit all your bridesmaids. The ceremony area is a bit of a walk, but the gazebo is absolutely perfect whether you choose to decorate it or not! Plus, you can actually stay at the hotel on your wedding night. No need to find a close hotel! Rumor has it, the property is haunted so be on the lookout… 😉

Check them out online here!

Belvoir Winery Fall Wedding
Belvoir Winery Fall Wedding Liberty Missouri
Liberty Missouri wedding photographers
Belvoir Winery and Inn
Wedding reception at Belvoir Winery
Kansas City sunset wedding pictures
Fernando Productions wedding
Kansas City night wedding pictures
Kansas City night wedding pictures

Timber Creek Event Center – St. Joseph, Missouri

This has to be my favorite ceremony spot on the list because it is completely shaded. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting married during the harshest light of the day or not, you’ll still be covered by a beautiful canopy of trees. You’re able to get beautiful light while still having the outdoor/rustic ceremony you’ve dreamed of! The getting ready area is also pretty incredible. The girls get an entire loft complete with a bedroom and television. Your bridesmaids will be able to spread out and relax without all being cramped into a room. The natural light also can’t be beat when it comes to getting your perfect getting ready photos. The reception area is large, giving your guests ample space to spread out and hit the dance floor! If you’re looking for a barn venue with the perfect outdoor ceremony space, this is the venue for you!

Check them out online here!

St. Joe wedding photography
Timber Creek event center wedding photography
Outdoor wedding in St. Joe Missouri
Kansas City wedding photographer
Timber Creek event center wedding
Sunset pictures at Timber Creek event center in St. Joe
Night pictures at Timber Creek Event Center in St. Joe

There you have it! 5 more of the best Kansas City wedding venues! Regardless of which one you choose, you are bound to have an amazing day!

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