I know getting married is no easy task. When I was planning my wedding last year, I was so confused about who to hire as my photographer. A lot of people take pretty pictures, but I wanted more than that. I wanted an experience, and it was so hard to tell who would really care about me and my wedding day.

One of my biggest pet peeves is being called a company. Yes, I’m legal, licensed, insured, but ‘company’ feels so impersonal. ‘Company’ only cares about the bottom line. I, Elizabeth Golden, owner of eGolden Moments Photography, care about you!

When you hire me, I never want you to feel like a job. I want you to feel like I truly care about you (which I do!), so I put together this list of 5 Perks of Being an EGM Bride. As soon as you join the #EGMbride family, you’ll be given all the helpful information you could ever imagine plus a few surprises!

Welcome to the #EGMbride experience! 🙂

Summer wedding in Missouri

1. Private Facebook Group

As soon as you officially join the #EGMbride family, you will be invited to become part of our private Facebook group. This group has 50+ past and present brides who are around to help with any wedding planning question. Need recommendations? Ask away. Have an item to sell? Post it here! In addition to brides, I also have some of my favorite wedding vendors in the group. They will never try to sell you on their service (although I love when you hire them), but instead, they will act as a wedding planning resource. Have a specific cake question? Who better to ask than two professional cake bakers who are part of the group? Wondering why you should hire a day of coordinator? Well, first check out this article and then post in the group to hear from more of my wedding planning friends!

Loose Park wedding portraits

2. Engagement Session Prep Guide

When it comes to your engagement session, I want you to be as prepared as possible. That’s why I’ve put together a couple blog posts available for anyone to access. Check out my blogs on my favorite spots for engagement photos and how to dress for your engagement session. In addition to the blogs, every bride who books with me will be sent an engagement session prep guide with 30 pages of inspiration! I actually just finished putting this together, so it’ll be sent out to all currently booked brides shortly! This guide will walk you through exactly what to wear, how to accessorize your look, a typical timeline for an engagement shoot, and more! I can’t wait to see how my brides utilize this helpful planning tool! I also encourage you to text me outfit ideas if you are stuck wondering what will photograph best. I’m always here as a resource if you need.

sunset wedding photos at Cider Hill Family Orchard in Kansas City

3. Monthly Planning Help

One of my goals is to help you in every step of the planning process. You’ve never done this before, and I’ve done it a couple of times (or a couple hundred). So, I expect you to rely on me whenever you’re stuck or discouraged with the planning process. I even email you monthly ‘what to expect now in the planning process’ emails. These emails will walk you through timeline preparation and just give you a few ideas of what to think about so you won’t get super overwhelmed in your last month before the wedding. I’m also always available to answer any questions you may have. Before you even book, you’ll be given my number and told to text me if you have questions before we meet. I’m always paranoid about responding. If I don’t respond instantly, I’m either a. at a wedding, b. asleep, c. something is seriously wrong. My past and present brides can attest to the fact that I almost always respond instantly.

Sunset pictures at Timber Creek event center in St. Joe

4. Vendor Recommendations

Hiring vendors for your wedding is seriously the hardest part of the planning process. You want to make sure you hire someone who does good work in addition to being someone you could get along with in the real world. You also want to make sure they’re trustworthy, within your budget, the list goes on and on. That’s why I give every couple who books with me a complete vendor recommendation guide. You’ll receive 2-3 vendors from every category you’ll need to hire. If you need help deciding between vendors, shoot me a text and I’ll recommend who will suit your wedding style the best. Several members on my list will actually give you a discount for hiring both of us. I love and trust everyone I recommend, and I know they will give you the best possible wedding experience. Plus, isn’t it easier to choose between a couple vendors I handpicked instead of searching through hundreds on the Knot?

italian themed Kansas City wedding

5. Timeline Help

As part of my wedding experience, I actually write your timeline for you. If you have a coordinator, I’ll work with them to plan the perfect day. About two months before your wedding, you’ll be emailed a wedding questionnaire. This gives me all the information I could ever want to know (like ceremony start time, important family members for pictures, etc). Using this information, I’ll put together your final photo timeline. Planning your timeline can be the most stressful part of the planning process, so with me, you don’t have to worry about a thing. With your help (I can’t guess what time you planned on the ceremony starting), I’ll give you all your important info in a very handy editable Google Doc. You’ll be able to modify your timeline, shot list, vendor information, etc all in realtime! If you just want to let me handle it all, that’s cool too. I’ll help you fill in the blanks to make your day perfect and as stress-free as possible.

sunset wedding pictures in hutchinson kansas

Coming Soon: The Wedding Experience Guide

Ok so this is technically a 6th perk, but I didn’t want to add it to the list because it’s not available yet. Starting in 2020, each bride who books with me will receive the complete wedding experience guide in addition to a thank you gift mailed directly to you. This 60 (!!!!) page guide will take you through the entire planning process from start to finish. It’ll be a constant resource throughout your entire planning process. I’ll still be there to answer any questions you may have along the way, but this guide will make it so you’re never unsure what comes next. No need to buy an expensive wedding planning book or become an expert at all things Google. This guide will help so much throughout all the planning steps and I can’t wait to show you!!!

Wedding ceremony dining on the lake at the Bowery

If you are looking for a photographer who will show up on the day and just take pictures, I’m not the photographer for you. I am actively involved in each step of the planning process. I actually get a little sad when you don’t consult me before putting together a timeline. I’ll be there for you from start to finish (and I hope we’ll still talk for many years to come).  In addition to taking the pretty pictures, I’ll give you an experience complete with so much help and all the cat selfies. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s grab some coffee!! 🙂

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