With so much time on my hands lately, I’ve used that as an excuse to practice detail photos. For most wedding days, detail photos take place in the first hour. This is where your photographer will capture all your pretties before the day begins. As a photographer, I love this time of day because it gets my creative juices flowing. I’m able to get into the wedding zone before the craziness of the day really sets in. As a bride, it’s up to you to decide what is important to you! That is why I put together this list of 5 ways tog et the best detail photos on your wedding day!

Why should I care about details? I hear this question often. A lot of couples feel like they can easily cut time off the day by getting rid of the details. This may be true, but even on the most chaotic days, I try to get at least a few pictures of all the details you spend so much time thinking about. Why? Because details are the best way to tell the story of your day. Years from now, you may no longer have those invitations you spent so long designing or your ring might not look quite as fresh. Let your photographer play for a bit to truly show off your blings!

While you’re reading, enjoy beautiful flowers from Wild Hill Flowers and Events who graciously allowed me to play with some fresh blooms during quarantine!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

1. You can’t capture the ring shot you’ve always dreamed of!

Even if you’ve taken 1000 selfies with your ring, chances are none of the pictures really bring out every sparkle. Photographers use macro lenses that allow us to really get close and personal with your ring. You’ll see every carat in the best possible light! In order to make this shot really stand out, be sure to clean your ring before the day. You’ve been wearing this thing for a year, so make sure it’s looking fresh before the day of. A lot of jewelers will even clean your ring for free in preparation for your day, so ask if your shop can help out!

5 ways to get the best detail photos

2. Keep a box of all your pretties somewhere safe and handy!

Whenever I first arrive at a wedding day, I’ll ask for your box of details. Before the wedding day, I always ask my brides to put all the jewelry and paper products in a box and tell a bridesmaid where it is. That way, I don’t have to bother you while you’re enjoying your morning mimosas. This also allows me to begin working as quickly as possible and not waste any time tracking down details.

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

3. Make sure you build time for this into your timeline!

Personally, I build in the first hour of the day for details. Every photographer is different and everyone prefers a different amount of time, but I love when I can have the first hour to be creative. That being said, it doesn’t always take an hour and I’m usually bouncing around from getting ready photos to details and back. Even if I don’t spend the full hour buried in your jewelry, it’s still nice to have time to make sure I’m fully able to tell the story of your day with details.

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

4. Paper products matter!

My favorite detail to photograph will always be the invitation suite. This is your guests first look at the theme of your day and it really makes the story begin to unfold. Your colors will be prominently displayed and even the font choice says a lot about you as a couple. Make sure to bring your full invitation suite, envelopes included, for your photographer to photograph!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

5. Include everything that tells the story of your day!

I often have couples ask me what is important for their detail photos. This is completely up to you! I’m there to photograph your story, so what best tells your story? Are you wearing your grandma’s ring? Make sure it’s in your detail stash! Was your veil custom designed? Definitely make sure it’s around! Have you carefully thought about your something blue? Include it! Whatever is important to you is important to me!

Here’s a list of the most common items to include, but keep in mind, your details aren’t limited to what is on this list!

What should I include?

  • All three wedding rings
  • Your full invitation suite
  • Any jewelry you’ll be wearing
  • Your bouquet/ loose flowers from your florist (always ask for a few extra blooms for your photographer)
  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (if you’re going for tradition)
  • Any heirlooms
  • Dress
  • Veil
  • Shoes

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

To summarize, your details will beautifully tell the story of the day and allow your album to flow perfectly. Your details tie together the entire day, so make sure you do what you can to make them count!

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