5 Ways to Have the Best Wedding Video Ever

I first announced eGolden Moments was transitioning into a photo and film company early this year. So far, we have filmed 10+ weddings and have another dozen or so on the books! I’m so excited to be able to get back to my roots and utilize my film degree! With spending the last 5 years as a photo only company, I have written so many posts about how to get the best pictures, but I have yet to talk about how to get the best video.

Video is a completely different animal than photo. While a specific pose may look gorgeous in a picture, it could look super boring and weird in a video.

Here are 5 tips to ensure you have the best wedding video ever!

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1. Write letters to each other and/or write your own vows!

At its very core, video is audio-centered. Good audio will transform a video from nice to balling your eyes out gorgeous. If you choose to not write letters to each other and/or write your own vows, I’ll need to use your toasts and ceremony audio to fuel the story. While this can be entertaining, no one knows your relationship like you two and there is nothing more emotional than watching your groom break down over a letter you wrote to him. If you’re like the majority of people and have no idea what to write in a letter, start by sharing the foundations of your relationship, how you met, etc and focus on the emotional aspects. Your viewers won’t care about the specific details as much as they care about how you felt (when you saw each other for the first time, etc).

If you are still unsure what to say, try to answer a few of these questions:

When I saw you for the first time, I thought…

I knew I loved you when….

I knew I was going to marry you when…

After you proposed, I thought….

I’m so excited about……in our future. 

I can’t wait to…….with you. (keep it clean…?)

I know our future is going to be full of….. (traveling, cats, love, etc)

Before you came into my life, I was…..

To top it all off, add a bit of your sense of humor. Mention an inside joke, share a funny story, etc. For example, Kyle and I always joke about how we will be married for 78 years, so both of us put that detail in our vows. He also put in his that we will travel the world someday in an RV filled with cats, which is totally something we plan on doing. If you aren’t a super serious couple, don’t write your vows/letter like you are. Showing your true self will always lead to the best audio!

Pro tip: Wait until the last minute to write your vows. Some might disagree with this, but I actually wrote my vows on the morning of my wedding because I wanted to feel the words. I was too much of a nervous wreck leading up to the day that I knew I wouldn’t be speaking from the heart. Waiting until the last minute gave me so much clarity when it came to knowing exactly what to write.

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2. Give your toast-givers some prompts!

The toasting part of the reception is always one of my favorite moments, but occasionally your closest friends and family members need some guidance. As mentioned above, we want to hear more about your emotional connection to the couple, not just the facts of who you are and where you came from.

Try answering these questions:

I’ve known the (bride or groom) since…..

My favorite story of (bride or groom) from before they met is…..

When (bride or groom) was younger, they or I had…. thoughts about their future spouse….(great prompt for parents) 

When I first met the bride (or groom), I knew we would be best friends because….

When I was introduced to the groom (or bride), my first thought was….

I knew they were going to get married when….

I loved watching their relationship grow into….

I can see how much they love each other when….

My favorite story of their relationship is….

They’re a perfect match because…

Don’t forget to make it fun! Tell a funny story, embarrass the bride/groom, add your personality to it in addition to getting a few serious moments in there!

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3. Move freely and pose fluidly

Unlike photo, the way you move really matters in video. When I’m posing a couple for photos and Kyle is taking the video, I always pose with video in mind. For photos, you need looking at the camera and smiling poses. For video, it’s best to move around, whether it’s eskimo kissing, walking, spinning, dipping, laughing, etc. If you are working with a photographer (who is not me), they may not pose with video in mind, so the videographer might have to pose you separately, which adds extra time to your timeline. When planning on hiring a videographer, be sure to ask your photographer how they work with videographers to save you some time on the day! The best video shots are always when you’re either crying or laughing hysterically, so don’t hold back 🙂

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4. Get ready in a room with natural light!

With photography, adding light and fixing light is simple. It’s not so easy with video. I can’t just pull out a flash during a video shoot, so lighting really does matter. We bring LED lights for the reception, but I don’t want to add clutter to an already cluttered getting ready room by lighting it up. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your getting ready room, be prepared for the videographer to ask you to move closer to a window for a few staged shots.

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5. Look up and smile!

This is also relevant to photography, but when you are walking down the aisle or toward your fiancé during the first look, make sure you look up! I see so many brides focus on tripping over their dress that they don’t enjoy the time and lock eyes with their almost spouse. Photography is more forgiving since we can catch the few moments you look up, but you’ll literally see your entire walk in the video. Make it counts and keep your eyes on the prize!

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  • Share a first look with your dad and/or bridesmaids to get even more emotions from the day.
  • If you know your officiant personally, have him/her tell a personal story or their observation of your relationship.
  • Speeches are great, but try to keep them short. A 10-minute speech on the history of your relationship will unfortunately be cut down by a lot! Shoot for 5 minutes max!
  • Hire a professional DJ with professional equipment for the best audio. We always get a feed from them, so it helps when they know what they’re doing.
  • Have a grand exit. Even if it’s a staged grand exit, this is the best natural end for your wedding video!

Hope this is helpful for you! I can’t wait to capture all your beautiful days on photo and film! For more examples of our video work, check out the film page!

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