5 ways to prepare your spouse for pictures

5 Ways to Prepare Your Spouse for Pictures

Whenever I’m working with a new couple, I often hear the phrase “my fiancé hates pictures.” While this is super common, it’s relatively easy to make pictures a comfortable experience for both of you! Here are some tips to make sure you both enjoy the process!

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1. Have a Preview Party

The best way to make sure both of you are comfortable is to show them what to expect. Typically, it’s the bride who reaches out to me and the groom is just along for the ride. This means he usually has absolutely no idea what to expect. Prepare him by looking through a few galleries so he knows the session will be fun! My couples love to have a blast with each other, so he needs to know not to expect a bunch of formal pictures!

At the end of the session, most grooms will say something like “That was way more fun than expected.” Prepare him for the fun by showing him what a session will look like!

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2. Incorporate a Personal Aspect

If this is an engagement session, feel free to bring something true to yourselves! Maybe your future spouse is a huge Star Wars fanatic, so bring a lightsaber or two. We can totally have a lightsaber fight. Maybe you want to pop some champagne or visit your favorite coffee shop. All these are totally doable ways to make your session feel special to both of you!

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3. Familiarize yourself with prompts

I’m not going to give any of my prompts away here, but there will be multiple times throughout the session when I’ll have one person whisper something funny into the other person’s ear. This is not your grandmother’s session. You will be joking with each other, walking, dipping, giving piggyback rides, etc. Of course, we’ll have a few smiling at the camera photos, but most of the session will be you two interacting naturally and having a blast together. As long as you are madly in love, you have nothing to fear here.

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4. Plan a Date Night

There’s nothing better to do after the session than plan a fancy night out. You’ll both be looking your best, so why not flaunt it? If the future spouse doesn’t love the idea of getting dressed up, at least there’s yummy food to look forward to, right?

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5. Be Comfortable

I always recommend my couples bring a few different outfit options. One should be more formal and one more casual. If your guy isn’t into dressing up, allow him to wear his favorite sports jersey for the casual photos. Or maybe he hates dress shoes, so there’s nothing wrong with boots or comfy shoes to go along with jeans and a nice shirt. If you both are feeling your best in your chosen outfits, it will show in the images!

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There you have it! 5 ways to make sure your future spouse is prepared for your session with me! I’ll leave you with this line I’ll never forget. A few years ago, I had a groom who absolutely hated photos. He was dreading them and it was obvious, but after a few minutes, he warmed up. At the end of the session, he said to me “Wow, if I knew how much kissing was involved, I would have been looking forward to this way more.” So yeah, you’ll kiss a lot. You’ll laugh a lot. You’ll enjoy this time together a lot! Pictures aren’t something to dread and you’ll be so glad you have these memories captured for years to come!

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