6 Unique Ideas For Your Wedding

If you’re like the majority of brides, the last thing you want to do is have a wedding day that looks like everyone else’s. You want your day to be uniquely yours, so I’ve compiled this list of 6 unique ideas for your wedding. After seeing more than 100 weddings, I’ve learned a thing or two about what excites the guests. Whatever you incorporate, ask yourself a couple key questions first:

1. Is this true to us as a couple? If it isn’t, find something else. Your wedding day is 100% yours and no one else can decide how you should plan your day. If you don’t want to do a first dance, don’t do a first dance. If you want to get married at the bowling alley, get married at the bowling alley! I’m not sure why that’s the first example that popped into my head, but I’m going with it.

2. Will it make a difference to the guests? A lot of times I see couples stressing over the littlest details that your guests won’t even notice. Wondering if you should give out party favors? Wanna take a guess as to how many favors are left at the end of the night? A lot! Your guests really don’t care about the bottle opener, so if it’s stressing you out and won’t impact your guest’s experience, find some other detail to stress over!

Now, here are 6 unique ideas for your wedding! Just remember, always be true to yourself and your day will be perfect!

1. You don’t have to serve cake!

I constantly have couple worried about needing to serve cake when they aren’t a fan. Here’s the truth: you don’t need to serve cake if you don’t want to. You can serve pie, cookies, or even popsicles! Make the dessert you serve yours. If you won’t eat it, find something you love to make your wedding night dessert authentic to your day!

Odessa Missouri wedding venue
Kansas City wedding
Historic Flander Hall wedding
Kate Smith Soiree wedding macarons

2. Joke around during the first look!

Your first look does not need to be serious. Chances are, your groom is a nervous wreck waiting for the moment. Why not surprise him with a groomsman in a dress or a blow-up dinosaur? This is the best way to relieve those pre-ceremony jitters and capture some hilarious images!

Groomsman in dress first look
Groomsman in dress first look

3. Create centerpieces for your guests to take home!

Why spend so much time creating the perfect centerpiece when they’re going to go in the trash at the end of the night? Instead, create your centerpieces for the guests to take home! One wedding used potted plants as the centerpieces and encouraged guests to plant them in their homes. Another made the centerpieces out of their favorite books and told their guests to choose a book to take home. Your centerpieces don’t need to be boring one-and-done flowers. Make them unique to you!

Tom's Town Distilling Company wedding reception
Tom's Town Kansas City wedding
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4. Hire a musician!

Every wedding has a Dj, but not too often do you find an actual musician performing. Most often, the couple will hire the musician for a few hours and then have the DJ finish the night. It’s a great way to excite your guests and ensure they are celebrating with you in a unique way.

Dillon House Topeka wedding
Abe and Jake's Landing wedding in lawrence Kansas

5. Don’t wear the traditional dress!

There are no rules saying you have to wear a long white dress. If short dresses are more your thing, wear a short dress! If you want a dress of a different color, go for it! It’s your day and you can do it your way! Personally, I still love traditional dresses, but they aren’t everyone’s style!

Rainy wedding day portraits in Topeka Kansas
The Bowery Spring Hill Kansas Wedding details

6. Include the fur babies!

This isn’t especially a unique idea, but if you know me, you know I need to include the pets. If your fur baby is in your life, they also deserve to be part of your wedding day! Wedding day pet sitters exist for a reason. It’s a real thing. Look it up. If your pets can’t make an appearance at your actual wedding day, consider a day after season especially for them.

Kansas Farm wedding photography
Kansas Farm wedding photography
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hutchinson wedding photographer

What are you doing to make your wedding uniquely yours? Tell me in the comments!


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