6 Ways to Have the Best Engagement Session

As a Kansas City wedding photographer, I include engagement sessions in all of my packages. I’ve written an entire post about the benefits, but I wanted to also mention how to make your engagement session count. When I’m working with new couples, a lot of times they are nervous and feel like they’ll do a bad job. In order to ease some nerves, here’s a post on 5 ways to have the best engagement session!

Kansas Farm engagement

1. Follow the Wardrobe Guide

After booking your engagement session with me, you’ll receive a 20-page style guide. I’ve written this guide to make help you with wardrobe choices as well as help you know what will photograph best. In order to make sure you look your best, follow the guide as best as you can.

Here are a few tips from the guide:

  1. Dress up! Engagement photos give you an excuse to get all dolled up, so be sure to bring at least one dress (for her) and suit (for him).
  2. Soft and romantic colors always look best. I’m a huge fan of light pinks and blues. Be sure to select colors that you feel most comfortable in as well! I would avoid dark colors as much as possible because they don’t complement my editing style as well as light colors do.
  3. Bring a variety! You might love one particular outfit, but that outfit might not always photograph the best. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a few different options, so if you aren’t in love with the images from one set, you will have others to choose from.
  4. Text me your ideas! If you are torn, I’m happy to give you my opinion before our session begins.
  5. Dress your personal style. A lot of my couples choose to also bring something true to them. If you are into a certain sports team, bring a jersey. If you love ugly holiday sweaters, bring it! We can always throw these fun outfits on for a few shots.
  6. I always recommend 3 outfits: one formal, one casual, and one fun!
Shawnee Mission Park fall engagement session

2. Enjoy the Prompts

If you’ve had an engagement session with me, you know I say some pretty ridiculous things to bring out your natural smiles. Engagement photos aren’t about poses. Yes, we’ll do a few traditional poses and I’ll always make sure you look your best, but the majority of the session will be filled with prompts to force you to relax. You might think the prompts are ridiculous, but that’s part of the fun. Instead of thinking too hard about it, just embrace them and your images will be more natural.

Shawnee Mission Park fall engagement session

3. Bring Some Booze

I love a good champagne pop photo. Plus, liquid courage is an added bonus. I’ve had couples bring signature glassware engraved with their wedding date, special beer that has been significant in their relationship, or just some booze for a few fun photos. If alcohol isn’t your thing, you could bring coffee mugs or even have your engagement session at a coffee shop. Props are a great way to make your engagement session your own!

Shawnee Mission Park fall engagement session

4. Bring Your Fur Babies

I’m a huge fan of pets and if you don’t bring your fur baby, I’ll be a little sad about it. Please give me the joy of hanging out with your furry friend. Pets don’t always cooperate, so I recommend bringing a handler to take them off your hands after we get a few good images with them. You could also plan on including a special collar that says ‘my humans are getting married.’ It’s not always possible to include pets in your wedding day, so at least make it so you get a few professional photos with them to use for save the dates.

Loose Park engagement photos

5. Choose a Significant Location

Everything about your engagement session should be true to you, starting with the location you choose. If you are huge Kansas City fans, a location overlooking the skyline might be best for you. If you got engaged somewhere special, take some photos there! Are you an architecture fanatic? I have some suggestions you might love!

For my full location guide, be sure to check out my 17 Favorite Locations in Kansas City.

Also, destination engagements are a thing and I’m here for it. If you’ve always dreamed of having photos in the mountains, let’s set something up! If you love the beach, I’m down to travel to the coast!

Colorado Springs engagement photos

6. Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun! If you aren’t having fun, it’ll show in your pictures. I do everything in my power to make sure you are having a blast, but sometimes outside forces come into play. Maybe the weather isn’t perfect or there’s a wardrobe malfunction. If you embrace it all, you’ll have a better time than dwelling on the small things.

Occasionally your groom isn’t down with the whole picture taking thing and that’s understandable. Pump him up by showing him some images from other sessions. Also, the session will be filled with making out and booty grabs, so what’s not to love?

Shawnee Mission Park spring engagement session

There you have it! 6 ways to make your engagement session the best! If you follow these tips, you’ll have a blast and it’ll show in your images!

Shawnee Mission Park engagement session

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