I’m Elizabeth!

I’m your bad ass business owner, question answerer, boutonniere pinner, and type-A personality. I spend my days editing your photos and videos with at least one fur baby on my lap. When I’m not working, you’ll find me binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, or Glee…also with at least one of my cats on my lap. Cats are life. We’ll be a perfect fit if you have a sense of humor, love joking around with your favorite person, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Extra bonus if you are an animal lover.

I’m Nicolette!

Hey, I’m Nicolette – an avid video gamer and pitbull mom. I thrive in chaos and have been a wedding photographer for 13 years, shooting everything from traditional weddings to destination weddings across the globe. My husband and I love to make peanut butter cookies and breakfast burritos together while watching Gordon Ramsey scream at people. My clients would describe me as someone who takes care of business while also being very laid back and making your wedding day fun! I love taking the stress off my clients while maintaining a positive and fun experience.

I’m Lindsey!

I’m your typical millennial. I’m a Hufflepuff (I’m also an Enneagram 1 and an ISTJ if you’re in to those things). In addition to being a full time journalism teacher, you can find me busting out graphic shirts from my basement sweatshop -or popsicle stand – depending on the season. When I’m off you can find me crashed out on the couch binge-watching some sort of thriller tv show that makes my mom go “ick” or engrossed in a book. Public sightings can be seen at the movies, theater, sporting events or whatever place my 10-year-old requested to go that weekend.  promise to be fun-loving and attentive to your needs with a few sarcastic quips or dad jokes here and there. I will do whatever I can to make your day as fun and stress free as possible – including breaking out my teacher voice when required to reign in your drunken groomsman or chatty aunt who’s holding up the family portraits.

I’m Kyle!

I’m a chemistry teacher by day, a sports fanatic by night, and a wedding videographer on the weekends. My clients would describe me as quiet, working in the shadows, waiting to strike… like a cat.

I’m Ashley!

I’m a mom of three boys and have been working for Elizabeth since 2019. You’ll see me as the videographer or second shooter at several weddings!

Behind The Scenes

We promise not to take ourselves too seriously and definitely don’t be surprised if you see us going above (literally) and beyond for the perfect shot.

Our Signature Style

Kansas City wedding photographer

After dark

We know how to work in every single lighting condition. From bright sun to the darkest receptions, we have mastered it all.

Liberty Memorial wedding portraits in Kansas City

Beautiful Scenery

Your day is about more than just the people, so we love capturing the scenery, from a gorgeous sunset to skyline view!

Longview Mansion wedding reception

Candid Imagery

We want to capture you being YOU, so we care about capturing those in between moments filled with laughter and tears.

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99% of my stories are about my cats. You’re welcome.