Wife. extravert. Coffee Lover. Sarcasm is life. Cat Mama to Two Beautiful Fur Babies.

Hey, I'm Elizabeth!

Being a friend, rather than a vendor, is totally what I do. And after 7 years of photographing ‘friends,’ I know the best photos start and end with friendship.

So if you want a photographer who you can text at all hours of the night, one that will always have a sarcastic comment, or one who will always have a cat picture ready to send your way…….

I got you!

If this has you all psyched to get married and take pictures and stuff, Let’s Chat!

Husband. introvert. Soda Lover. Chemistry Teacher by day. Sports enthusiast by night.

This is Kyle!

Kyle is my resident videographer aka husband aka designated tall person. He spends his days teaching high school chemistry.

On your wedding day, you'll find him quietly capturing the day in the background with a long lens. He may not say much, but trust me when I say, the sarcasm also runs deep with him.

This is us!

We met online in 2014. Kyle said in his bio, “I'm a chemistry teacher, yes I know how to make meth.” I messaged him first asking if that is a selling point for him. After a few days worth of sarcastic banter, we met and the rest is history.

We got engaged on top of a mountain in Alaska in 2017. Kyle swore he wouldn't propose on this trip because it would be too predictable. He also swore it would be an easy hike…it wasn't.

We were married on 10.14.18. It was the coldest and wettest day of the year, but we still chose to get married outside in a torrential downpour. No regrets. Don't let the first picture fool you. We took more pictures on our first anniversary, so I have something to hang on our walls where I don't look like a wet dog.


The Union Event Space Kansas City wedding

erin and j.d.

Elizabeth is the best. Not only is she amazingly talented, creative, and professional, but she truly went above and beyond for us. We had to postpone our wedding a couple of times due to the pandemic and Elizabeth was always on top of it, offering ideas, solutions and support. When we finally got to have our day, Elizabeth took the most beautiful photos that captured all of our joy and excitement and Kyle captured every beautiful moment on video. I can be critical of myself in photos, but I can honestly say there isn't a single shot that I'm not 100% in love with from all of our sessions with her.

wedding photo + Video

Topeka Capital wedding photography

Elizabeth was an amazing addition to my wedding team. Not only is she a talented photographer, she also helps you with anything else you may need. I was drawn to her because of her openness about loving cats…but I quickly discovered her keen artistic eye, her planning abilities, and friendly enthusiasm that made me feel at ease. She helped me get my timelines straight, made it so I knew what was happening when and didn't have to stress, and was there to get everyone into place on the day. She even managed to make my camera shy husband have fun and genuinely laugh while taking pictures. She does amazing portraits and captures wonderful candid shots that I will treasure forever. I could not have made a better decision! Thank you so much!

Taylor and Isaac

Wedding Photo


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