Belvoir Winery engagement

Belvoir Winery Engagement | Hannah + Noah

It’s a love story baby. Just say yes!

Hannah and Noah had a Love Story Belvoir Winery Engagement session on Sunday!

When Hannah and I first started planning out her engagement session, she mentioned how she graduated in 2020 and wasn’t able to have an actual high school prom. So, when she saw prom dresses were on sale, she decided it was the perfect opportunity to get all dressed up in a formal gown.

She’s also a fellow Swiftie, so when she mentioned she loved the idea of doing the session at a winery or castle, I jumped on the opportunity to create some Romeo and Juliet vibes. We were able to do the session at Belvoir Winery in Liberty, which was the perfect backdrop to make all their romantic dreams come true!

Here’s your preview Hannah and Noah! Can’t wait until we celebrate your full Love Story later this year!

– Hear from the couple –

How did he propose?

I hinted FOR MONTHS even though I didn’t have to, I’m just a self-proclaimed control freak. We went to jewelry stores on our four year anniversary (February 22, 2022) and I picked out my gorgeous ring. He bought the ring a few months later, then decided to propose to me in Wichita where we were both moving in August. He moved into my apartment and we had a glorious week of nothing to do until school and our jobs started. I was taking an independent research course that fall about Shakespeare and flowers so we planned to go to Botanica, the local botanical gardens with a Shakespeare garden, during that week so I could do some research. The night before he was acting incredibly suspicious, but honestly I guessed that it was going to happen way before he started acting weird. When he took a call that evening in his car, which was weird, that was him showing my parents the ring and asking them for my hand. We both had secret snapchat stories going on at the same time! Mine was called “proposal watch” and his was keeping my friends and sisters updated on how his plan was going. We both posted on our stories that night! The next day, Noah left in the morning to “go get gas” but he took forever so that was my confirmation. I ended up falling asleep when I was supposed to be getting ready so, truly on brand of me because I take naps incredibly often, I delayed my own proposal with a nap. Eventually I woke up, got ready, and Noah took me to my favorite lunch place. We then went to the gardens but before I started my research, Noah had me put things down on a bench and pulled me in front of the gorgeous limestone fountain and got down on one knee! I was so focused on him and how excited I was that I totally forgot I was getting a ring and he had to remind me to put it on! We immediately called our families. No research happened that day, just pure joy. Noah’s trip to “get gas” earlier that day? He was getting me flowers, which I have pressed to keep forever 🙂

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

I could write paragraphs and paragraphs! One of my favorite things about Noah is his humor. No matter what, no matter how sad I might be, he always knows what to say and do that will make me laugh or at least shake my head at him. He is selfless, caring, passionate, kind to his core, and I’m just so proud that I will get to call him my husband.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

What I love most about Hannah is how kindhearted she is. She is loving, forgiving, humble, and overall just an amazing, beautiful soul.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

I’ve been dreaming of my wedding since I was little so it is so exciting to finally get to put my plan into place! I love planning things so I’m in my element, even if it can be super overwhelming at times since I am in college and working. We both love getting to put special details that feel like “us” in our wedding, like ordering special napkins with our cat on them!

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Me: I can’t wait to finally call him my husband! I’m so excited to see his face as I walk down the aisle, dance with him like we so often do in our tiny apartment kitchen, and of course, CAKE!

Noah: I’m most excited to celebrate us and to start a brand new chapter in our lives.

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