Best Engagement Locations in the Crossroads

While I have a full guide of engagement session locations, I decided to put together a specific one for the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City. The area is so large, making it hard to hit up all the spots! This guide will give you an overview of the area to decide the best spots for your Crossroads engagement photo session.

Since this guide is mainly for clients, I’m leaving off the specific location names to prevent overcrowding. Reach out if you are interested in a specific place!

1. Kauffman Center

Kauffman Center is the iconic Crossroads location! There are so many amazing spots on the outside of the building. A permit is required to go inside, but there’s more than enough to capture in the surrounding area.

2. White Building

This is usually my starting location. From the arches to the solid, white brick, the photo opportunities are endless.

3. Graffiti Alley

The images pictured aren’t technically in graffiti alley, but it is an alley with graffiti, so it counts. I love this wall because it’s colorful and non-traditional. There are so many cool alley ways filled with graffiti, so take your pick!

4. Ivy Garage

This location is best in the Summer and Fall when the ivy is fully grown, but it can look cool year-round!

5. Grey Wall

If you want another neutral background, this grey wall is perfect with its arches and windows!

Crossroads Engagement photos

6. KC Loves

KC Loves is not always allowed for photos due to the security in the area, so double-check before deciding on this location. It is an iconic Kansas City spot, so it needed to be included.

Crossroads Kansas City engagement photos

7. Blue Wall

This is another location that isn’t always allowed since it is directly on Main Street, but the entire building is painted blue. This pairs perfectly with wedding colors if you are going for a blue vibe.

Crossroads engagement session in Kansas City

8. Kansas City in Love

If the KC Loves wall is not allowed, this is another way to add Kansas City into your session. It’s off the beaten path, but still a good spot to visit.

Crossroads Kansas City engagement photos

9. Rooftop Garage

If your session takes place around sunset, this is a great location. It overlooks the Kauffman Center and allows for breathtaking views of the Crossroads.

Sunset wedding photos in downtown Kansas CIiy

10. Endless Love

Another cool mural that is off the beaten path! It’s hidden behind a building, so occasionally missed, but it’s worth it for an iconic mural.

Crossroads engagement session in downtown Kansas City

11. Ivy Alley

This is also best for the summer and Fall since the ivy won’t be in bloom the rest of the year. It’s a perfect alley filled with gorgeous icy.

12. KC Mural

Another great way to add Kansas City into your session! While this mural is less colorful than others, it’s great to add those Kansas City vibes.

Crossroads downtown Kansas City engagement session

13. Freight House

There are several great locations within walking distance of the Freight House. You have some ivy, cool stairs, and even a walkway to Union Station.

14. Ivy Stairs

Several of these locations include ivy, but this one also incorporates a staircase. It’s within walking distance of the Freight House, so perfect if you are visiting those locations.

Crossroads Kansas City engagement photos

There are some of the best engagement session locations in the Crossroads! Let me know which ones stick out most to you!

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