Black Hoof Park Engagement | Ali + Cody

Who else is completely done with this "Spring" weather??? I know I am! We've had an amazing last couple days, but last weekend was no fun and we're expecting the same thing this weekend. When Ali and I set up this engagement session almost two months ago, we were convinced it wouldn't be in the 30s. Well, regardless, the day came and it was freezing. I'm usually fine in the cold, but I'm always worried about my couples. Frozen pictures never look the most flattering. Somehow they were able to pull it off. You would have no idea how cold it was by their expressions. They never even complained or acted even a bit cold. Ali, especially, was completely comfortable. Power to her!

Anyway, enough about the weather. Ali is a fellow photographer and we actually met through a Facebook photography group. We hadn't ever really communicated before, so I was super thrilled to see her interested in hiring me for her wedding. She said she had watched my work for years. I love hearing that so much. I feel like a little kid jumping up and down inside whenever someone really wants me. There seriously is no better feeling.

Ahhhh, can't wait until their March wedding! It's going to be different than any wedding I have ever experienced and I'm really looking forward to it.

How did he propose?

Cody proposed on Christmas Eve. Everyone was opening presents because Ali's sister had to work Christmas, so we were all celebrating early. Its important to note that Ali was very sick. Anyways, Ali opens this box and theres 2 things in it: a Pocahontas funko pop and her box. So Ali gets a little annoyed, trying to figure out why Cody would take Pocahontas out of the box, for 1, and why he would put the trash in the big box with the present. So she picked up the funko box and there was the ring box inside. Cody then took the box, got on one knee and asked Ali to marry him.

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

Narrowing that down is nearly impossible. Every little thing I love about him is what makes him who he is and I love it all. I love his laugh and his smile and how both spread to his eyes and make them sparkle; I love how he makes me laugh and smile and how safe he makes me feel when Im scared.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

I love how sweet and caring she is and how funny she is. I love how beautiful she is and how lovable she is. Shes just overall amazing.

What's your favorite part of wedding planning?

Cody: the end
Ali: the free stuff at wedding shows
The real answer: It's very tedious and complicated but we enjoy the fact that we are planning the celebration of us spending the rest of our lives together

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Cody: Seeing Ali come down the aisle towards me so I can put a ring on that finger
Ali: Legally being able to call Cody my husband

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  1. I love these two so much and wanna cry from the happiness I see in them!!!! It’s powerful!!! Thank you Elizabeth for capturing these precious photos! They are AMAZING!

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