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What was the theme?

The theme was red and black. I wanted to really stretch myself creatively. Typically, I’m more light and vibrant, but I really wanted to focus on more of a moody vibe while still stating true to who I am as a photographer. I didn’t want the shoot to be too dark though. I really wanted to focus more on a dark elegance. The red and gold accents really helped bring out the elegance of the event.

I also wanted to focus on breaking the norm. I didn’t want this styled wedding to look like every other wedding you have ever seen. I wanted diversity in style and in models. If you read through wedding blogs or browse through the portfolio of photographers. everything will start looking the same after a while. The people look the same and dress the same. The colors are all bright and light. This is not how everyone envisions their wedding. Some couples want a darker event, so this is where this shoot comes in. This shoot breaks the norm. It is unlike any wedding I have ever photographed. It’s dark yet elegant. It’s moody yet romantic. It’s creating a classic atmosphere surrounding the color black. This whole theme is suggesting to you that it’s ok to break the norm. You don’t have to have a cookie cutter wedding. You do you! If you love black, go for it.

What was the inspiration?

It’s time for me to share a passion project with you all. A few weeks ago, I organized a styled wedding shoot at Castle Bridge Event Center in St. Joseph, Mo. This was seriously the biggest thing I have ever organized (besides my own wedding that I’m putting off planning). We had around 10 photographers attend as well as a handful of vendors and models. It was almost like we organized a complete wedding. The tables were beautifully decorated. We had several gorgeous bouquets. The models were decked out in gorgeous dresses, jewelry, and veils.

I’ve done several styled shoots before, but this was the first one where I pulled out all the stops. Usually I just have a dress, florals, and models. This time I had everyone! It’s so amazing bringing people together and watching vendors collaborate so seamlessly. Everyone does his or her part to ensure the event is incredible. Even though this wasn’t a real wedding, there was no slacking off. Everyone worked as hard as they would for their own brides and grooms.

What was the theme?

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