sunset wedding photos at Cider Hill Family Orchard in Kansas City

Cider Hill Family Orchard Wedding | Maria + Emi

He tightly gripped the microphone. His wife stood beside him, wine in one hand and a tissue in the other. Sheets of paper were passed out to half of the guests as Ruben, the father of the bride, began his speech in Spanish. I couldn't tell you what was said last Saturday night at the gorgeous Cider Hill Family Orchard, but I can tell you how it felt. Once Ruben began his speech to his daughter and new son-in-law, all eyes were locked on him. English and Spanish speakers alike were overcome with emotions as his eyes locked tightly on his daughter. We all cried, despite not understanding the words he was saying. Emotions are easily heard, regardless of language spoken.

St. Therese Catholic Parish wedding

Ruben's emotional speech was just one of the many incredible moments at Maria and Emi's wedding. The day started at St. Therese Catholic Parish. Maria stated from the beginning that she wanted a lot of family photos because it has been a long time since her whole family has been together. From Columbia to Argentina to Florida, the family came from everywhere to be part of this special day.

It's pretty incredible how Maria and Emi met since they both come from different cultures. Her family is from one place and his another, yet they found themselves introduced by a mutual friend in Kansas City. It's been four years and their love is stronger and more evident than ever.

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After the ceremony, we headed to Liberty Memorial and were greeted with the most perfect weather. The sun hid behind the clouds, allowing for some beautiful diffused light.

Liberty Memorial wedding pictures

We then went to Cider Hill Family Orchard for the reception and were able to experience such a perfect sunset. Storm clouds were rolling in giving us some gorgeous colors in the sky. It wasn't even 10 minutes after we went inside that the sky opened up and rain continued for the rest of the night.

sunset wedding photos at Cider Hill Family Orchard in Kansas City

To Maria and Emi, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your gorgeous day at Cider Hill Family Orchard! I loved getting to know you over the past year. Your wedding was gorgeous and I am so glad I was able to witness your love. Thank you again for having me. Hope you enjoy your full preview!

Venue: Cider Hill Family Orchard

Cake and Catering: Hy-Vee

DJ: Mic King Music

Gown: David's Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Glam by Grace

Photographer: eGolden Moments

sunset wedding photos at Cider Hill Family Orchard in Kansas City

- Hear from the bride -

How did he propose:

He proposed on my birthday. He said he had made reservations at a restaurant so I thought we were going to a nice restaurant. After work he called me and said that they had changed our reservations and asked me what I wanted to do, so I said I wanted pizza since I was tired after work... Well he asked me to pick up the pizza (I was getting mad at this point) ... I went to pick up the pizza and there was no I went home and when I got there, he had put pictures of us on the stairs and he was waiting by the Christmas tree with the ring... he even put a dress on Eva (Our Akita puppy). I said yes... and forget the pizza... He had planned a surprised birthday/engagement party with our friends.

Share your inspiration and the atmosphere you're creating for your wedding:

The ceremony will be formal but the reception is laid back and rustic, we want to show our guests a little bit of Kansas City's essence.

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s):

The venue is beautiful, it has lakes, and the barn is very rustic which we loved. There is a lot of open space for the guest to walk around, hopefully there will be a lot of dancing.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Plan in advance and enjoy it. It's a lot but it's always fun

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

My mom's help 🙂  

Cider Hill Family Orchard wedding

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  1. Que maravillosas fotos, están espectaculares, que emoción, les deseo toda la felicidad de el mundo

  2. Maravilloso matrimonio; espectaculares momentos y fotos.
    El Señor haga crecer cada día que pase más tan bello amor y vivan felices hasta que sean milenarios llenos de paz, prosperidad, amor y todo aquello que hace de un hogar el más bello del mundo.

  3. Hermosas fotos!!! Felicitaciones para los dos, les deseo toda la felicidad del mundo. Espero vernos pronto. Abrazo y beso gigante!!!

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