Clearwater Beach Wedding | Susan + Allen

So remember that super awesome couple who flew me out to Florida last month for their engagement pictures? If not, you can relive this awesome day here! These pictures have me dreaming of Clearwater Beach Wedding days!

Well after we did their part of the session, I convinced them to have some fun with a mock wedding styled shoot. Their actual wedding is in October, but I just really wanted to capture some “wedding” images on the beach. Susan put on a white dress and we had some fun playing in the water. I had this elaborate image in my head of what I wanted to accomplish with this shoot, and I forgot to take into consideration that water is wet. HAHA! If I were to do this shoot again, I would probably have started the water portion a little later, so we could have captured the gorgeous sky without being drenched. Oh well. These images are still gorgeous and I’m super excited to share them.

Thanks Susan and Allen for spending time in the ocean with me!

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