The world is starting to open back up and I’m so excited to get back to work! Woot woot! I’m sure you’ve read 1000 “what this company is doing to prevent the spread of COVID” and you’re probably annoyed with seeing the exact same thing everywhere. I get you! That’s why this list is specifically geared toward anyone who hires me. It’s not really possible to social distance during a wedding, so this will just let you know what I’m doing to ease minds and keep us all a little safer!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer


  1. I will not be wearing a mask unless you request it because it is very hard to effectively communicate while my face is covered. My second shooters reserve the right to wear masks if they feel more comfortable.
  2. I will have hand sanitizer with me at all times and use it before and after touching anything you will also be touching.
  3. Posing will be much more hands off. I will use words to explain how to pose and refrain from positioning you myself.
  4. While posing, I will try to stay 6 feet away from you at all times.
  5. No hugs or hand shakes. We’ll do a lot of air-fives though.
  6. If I have a fever, I will not risk exposing you or anyone at your wedding. My second shooter will take over as the lead photographer and I will still edit your images.
  7. I will be giving every one of your friends and family members the option to opt out of large group photos. Since it is impossible to social distance during formals, they have the right to choose not to participate if they do not feel comfortable. If someone decides to not participate in group photos, we will be sure to take an individual photo with them.
  8. I will not take photos from the middle of the dance floor. A lot of times during open dance, I’ll be in the thick of the action with you. Open dance photos might look a little different, but they’ll still be just as awesome. I’ll use a long lens to be close to the action without breaking my social distancing guidelines.

Hope that helps you understand what I am doing to create a safe work environment for myself and my second shooters.

Kansas City Wedding Photographer
Contactless posing is coming soon to a wedding near you…


I really hope the bulk of reschedules are done with, but if not, I wanted to make my rescheduling policies publicly available.

  1. You can reschedule to any date within one calendar year of your original date for no additional fees. This is only if your venue or the city/county has put restrictions on your wedding date. If you are getting married this October (or another month without restrictions) and want to reschedule to next October just to be safe, there may be additional fees.
  2. You can reschedule to any Friday or Sunday until December 2021 for no additional fees.
  3. You can choose a Saturday in 2021 for no additional fees, but there is no guarantee I will be the one photographing your wedding. This only applies if you are rescheduling more than a year out from your original date or are rescheduling without restrictions on your date. If I book your date with a new wedding, I will send an associate photographer. The associate will shoot with a similar style and I will still edit the images. I trust the quality of work my associates do and know they will give the couple a wonderful experience. If I don’t end up booking the date, I will be there. There is just no guarantee.
  4. You can choose a Saturday in 2021 and lock me in as your photographer for a $500 fee. This is only to reflect my annual price increase and keep me in business another year.
Kansas City Wedding Photographer
Veil shots will look a bit different


These are uncertain times and everyone needs a bit of compassion now. With so much time on your hands, there are several things you can do to help out the wedding industry!

Be kind to your vendor! We’re going through a lot right now.

Order prints! I just set up an online print shop for landscape photos. You can also always order those wedding photos still sitting on your hard drive!

Write a review! If you’ve been putting off reviewing your vendors, you have plenty of time to do so now! You can review me on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Facebook, and Google!

Recommend! I’m surprised how many people are getting engaged these days, so if you happen to have a friend in the market for a wedding photographer, there’s nothing I like more than a great referral!

Kansas City Wedding Photographer
Getting this close to pose is a thing of the past.
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