We originally planned on a Liberty Memorial Engagement session, but fate had other plans for Kelly and Drew. I happened to be scrolling through Facebook yesterday morning when I discovered Joe Biden was going to be at Liberty Memorial at the exact time of our session. After some quick brainstorming, we decided on a Kansas City Crossroads Engagement Session and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Kansas City crossroads engagement session

When Kelly first emailed me about their wedding, we quickly bonded over our mutual love of pets. I occasionally jokingly (…okay, let’s be real, seriously) request my couples to send me pictures of their pets. In Kelly’s first text to me, she sent me a picture of her dog. From that first text, I knew it was meant to be. We talked about pets and teaching. She’s a teacher and Kyle is a teacher, so I instantly feel connected to anyone who I can discuss teaching with. Side note, half of my clients are teachers and the other half are nurses. I don’t know why I attract brides who devote their lives to helping others, but I’m not complaining about it.

I met Kelly, Drew, and two of their kids over coffee and it was such a pleasure to be able to witness their love. The way their kids wanted to be part of the planning was amazing to witness. The love they have for their family was so obvious.

Kansas City union station engagement session

After I texted Kelly about needing to change our plans for the engagement session, they were so willing to go with the flow. I’m not super familiar with the Crossroads, but they were willing to just walk around with me and explore!

These two were so fun to work with. From Drew’s hilarious expressions to the way they made each other laugh, we all had such a great time!

We came across several cool walls along the way as we made our way to the Kauffman Center and were able to capture the most beautiful sunset I have seen in months. I couldn’t think of a better way to begin my 2020 wedding season!

Thank you Kelly and Drew for exploring the city with me and can’t wait until your wedding in such a few short months!!!

Kansas City union station engagement session

Hear from the couple –

How did he propose?

We had been discussing our future and while Kelly wasn’t sold on ever marrying again (she was just fine with a committed relationship for the rest of her life), Drew was persistent. He finally wore me down, lol. He had asked what rings I liked. Then one day, he came home, I had fallen asleep in the recliner (I love my sleep when I actually get it, so I wasn’t too thrilled with being woke), he told me to get ready to go out. As I sleepily stood and turned to go change, he looped his arm around mine, turned me around, holding the ring, and said “what do you think?” SUPER ROMANTIC, let me tell ya. We then went to Odessa Creamery for ice cream, love me some sweets, and we just tell everyone we got engaged there because it sounds better. We are apparently full of deception.

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

What I most love about Drew is his unconditional acceptance of my two children, and endless patience with me. His work ethic and drive to do right in this world is unmatched.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about him?

Man, that’s a tough one!
She is patient, understanding, loving, all in all, a kind soul.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

We really did ignore everything other than venue selection until about 4-5 months before out wedding date. I loved showing Drew Powell Gardens for the first time, as I fell in love with it when I was just 13 and said I’d get married there!

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Celebrating with those we love. Life is busy, crazy, and chaotic, I hope to be able to block that all out and have a blast at our reception.

Kansas City Kauffman Center engagement session


beautiful photos and the location you ended up using has such cool backgrounds!

Ok what a sweet, fun couple! Love the location you ended up using!

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