Night pictures at Eighteen Ninety event space

Eighteen Ninety Event Space Wedding | Lauren + Ted

Lauren and Ted had an amazing Eighteen Ninety Event Space wedding on Saturday. 1890 is one of my absolute favorite venues in Kansas City, so I'm so happy I was able to be back with another wonderful couple.

These two actually secretly got married last year, but COVID forced them to postpone their reception. I was brought on last minute for this celebration, so I didn't have a chance to work with Lauren and Ted previously during an engagement session.

Eighteen Ninety Event Space Wedding

I always include engagement sessions in my packages because, if I don't, I feel like I enter a wedding blind. I have no idea what the couple is like and if we'll even get along. Thankfully I lucked out with Lauren and Ted.

Immediately upon arrival, Lauren had all her details laid out for me and I was in photographer's heaven. As a graphic designer, she definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to invitations. She even had a custom monogram with their last initial.

I can usually hit it off with the bride, but the groom can be another challenge. Since I had never even talked to Ted, I wasn't sure if he would be into pictures or understand my weird prompts. Seriously, he couldn't have been any more willing. Even though the day was super hot and uncomfortable for outdoor pictures, he never complained once and was actually excited to take more pictures! That's weird to hear from a groom. Typically, I have to drag them out for more pictures, but he never complained once.

Wedding portraits at EIghteen Ninety in Platte City

Lauren has a bit of a background in photography, so she understands the importance of pictures. She mentioned how she cares most about getting amazing pictures, so had so much time. SO MUCH TIME! I'm not complaining one bit. Not only did we have three hours for pictures before the ceremony, we also had 30 minutes immediately after and then 30 minutes again during sunset! We also had 15 minutes worth of night photos, which were super important to them. I LOVE it when I find a couple who values pictures as much as I do!

Wedding portraits at EIghteen Ninety in Platte City

Thank you so much Lauren and Ted for allowing me to be part of your gorgeous Eighteen Ninety Event Space wedding! Here's a preview! More to come shortly!

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