Emerson Fields Wedding | Audrey + Adam

Audrey and Adam had a beautiful Emerson Fields wedding in Excello, Missouri.

Oh where do I even start... I met Audrey last year when she was a bridesmaid in another one of my weddings. Traci, the past bride, and I clicked so well that I actually knew Audrey was about to get engaged before Adam even proposed 😂

Emerson Fields wedding in Excello Missouri

As soon as Audrey picked a date, Traci played matchmaker and asked if I was available. Thankfully I was and the rest is history.

Since Traci was such a dream client, I knew Audrey had to be as well. I wasn't wrong in this assessment. Every bit of her wedding was so meticulously planned out. From the centerpieces to random furniture nooks, Audrey really thought of every little detail.

I could write a book about all the details at this Emerson Fields wedding, but it's busy season and I have so much to do!

One of my favorite moments of the day had to be during the first look. Joke first looks are relatively common, but I had a first at this wedding. Adam's dad wanted to dress up to surprise him. The reaction was priceless!

Emerson Fields wedding

The actual first look between Adam and Audrey was also priceless. Even though Adam was joking around with his dad just a few minutes prior, he was quickly overcome by emotions when he saw Audrey for the first time.

Emerson Fields wedding

I will talk about the venue for a bit. Emerson Fields is two and a half hours away, so I hadn't had the chance to see it before Saturday. When we arrived, I immediately fell in love. I'm a sucker for white walls, greenery, and a gorgeous lake. The owner was a wedding photographer in her former life, so she literally thought of everything when building this place! If you want to get married at a photographer's dream venue, consider Emerson Fields!

Now more about Audrey and Adam... Audrey is seriously the sweetest human on the planet. She said she had gifts for everyone, including her vendors, and I thought ok, cool, probably a bracelet or something small like that. Nope, she ordered everyone something custom designed off of Etsy. For me, she gifted me a hand-painted picture of my cats. I've never received a more thoughtful gift and I will always cherish this photo. She gifted family members bags with pictures printed on the inside. She even gifted the venue owners a drawn picture of the venue. Isn't she the sweetest?

Night time portraits at Emerson Fields

Thanks Audrey and Adam for allowing me to be part of your gorgeous Emerson Fields wedding. Here's your full preview!

Venue: Emerson Fields

Florist and Design/Coordination: Tyena at D-Zines by T

Cake: Koch’s General Store

DJ: Complete Weddings + Events

Hair: Broadway Hair Co

Makeup: Anastasia Samsonova

Catering: Noland’s Catering

Gown: True Society by Belle Vogue

Rentals: Pretty Little Things

Bartending: Case-N-Keg

Photography and Videography: eGolden Moments

- Hear from the bride -

Share the inspiration and atmosphere you're creating for your wedding:

I’m hoping for an elegant vibe that has a warm feel to it! I hope for it to be relaxed and kicked back while still having a sophisticated feel. Just want people to have a fun night and be able to enjoy themselves!

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s):

I chose Emerson Fields because it was absolutely gorgeous. It had the open layout and beautiful staircases and chandelier that I liked and had the light and airy feel to it with all of the big windows and white! It offers all the amenities you could want for your wedding while giving you a small, home town feel. They give you the venue for the entire weekend! I also really liked that the bride and groom had a separate place to get ready on-site and that they had an open catering/vendors policy!

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Just elope 🤣

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

It’s a love hate relationship, but planning all of the small details has been fun and they have a lot of sentimental meaning to me that we can cherish for years to come. Again, love hate, but I’ve enjoyed making all the wedding signs myself so that now I can look back and say hey I did that! 😂 I have also really enjoyed getting people gifts personalized to them 😂

Night time portraits at Emerson Fields