Executive Hills Polo Club wedding

Executive Hills Polo Club Wedding | Annie + Ron

Annie and Ron had such a beautiful Executive Hills Polo Club wedding on Sunday with Lindsey! Even though these two are already married, they still wanted a celebration with all their closest friends. They incorporated traditional Chinese elements along with a fun party. I’m obsessed with all of Annie’s outfit changes and their choreographed first dane!

Executive Hills Polo Club wedding

Thank you Annie and Ron for choosing us for your Executive Hills Polo Club wedding! Here’s your full preview!

Venue: Executive Hills Polo Club

Cake and Catering: Sugar and Spice

Photography and Videography: Lindsey and Ashley with E. Golden Moments

– Hear from the couple –

Share the inspiration and atmosphere you’re creating for your wedding:

Annie and I were avoiding this for the longest time, as we were already married. Now that it’s happening, we wanted this wedding to be a very, very relaxed environment for our most important friends and family.

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s):

Since Ron and I were avoiding this wedding for the longest time, we found one that is a 5 minute walk from our home. How convenient.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Decisive decisions are awesome. Don’t stress, just do it.

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

The plan was to get the wedding done as quickly as possible. We fast!

Executive Hills Polo Club wedding


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