Flagstaff Elopement Photography | Kara + Tim

Ok, I did something a little crazy a couple weeks ago. I flew to Arizona, stayed about 30 hours, flew back home and shot a wedding. It was insane, but the images I captured made it worth it.

Kara and Tim live in Council Grove, Kansas, but they wanted to elope somewhere beautiful. Since Tim's family lives a couple hours away from Flagstaff, they thought that would be the perfect location.

The ceremony was extremely intimate. Less than 20 people attended and a friend officiated.

When I arrived on Friday, we went location scouting and stumbled upon SnowBowl. After driving up the mountain, we came across a gorgeous scenic view. A gorgeous mountain range could be seen and we were high enough to capture an iconic sunset.

Since the whole wedding was so nontraditional, I convinced Kara and Tim to get dressed up Friday night so we would have more time for incredible portraits. We had an incredible first look with a mountain in the background. How many people get to have such a special moment overlooking mountains???

We drove up to SnowBowl and spent a couple hours taking beautiful pictures. We really lucked out with the sunset. The colors were so vibrant and the weather was perfect. My lungs definitely weren't used to the high altitude though. After I was able to catch my breath from climbing up and down the mountain multiple times, I enjoyed every second of it.

On Saturday, we started the day with a first look with her father. I loved being able to capture the bond between father/daughter. It was probably the most emotional father/daughter first look I have witnessed.

After the first look, we headed back up to SnowBowl for the ceremony. Despite the ceremony taking place at 11 am, we were able to find a nice shaded area with a beautiful scenic view.

We had a lovely, short ceremony and finished out my part of the day with some family formals and some more pictures with the couple.

It was such an amazing experience to be a destination photographer. Thank you so much Kara and Tim for asking me to be part of your day!