Fort Scott Engagement | Jennifer + Robby

October 29, 2020

I had such a great time with Jennifer and Robby on Sunday for their Fort Scott engagement session!

Robby is originally from Fort Scott, so when I first started planning the session with Jennifer, she asked if I would be willing to make the drive. The answer is obviously yes! I love exploring new locations, but I was a little worried since I was unable to scope out the location beforehand.

Fort Scott engagement session in Kansas

Of course I arrived a bit early to see what we would be working with and I was blown away! Fort Scott is such an adorable little town. I can’t believe I had never gotten the chance to explore before. We started out downtown, which was adorable. I loved the old school city vibes of the town. Afterwards, we went to Gunn Park. Oh my god! This park is incredible. As soon as I began exploring, I texted Jennifer about how excited I was because that park had everything! From gorgeous Fall colors to a rocky river, there were so many diverse backgrounds to capture!

Jennifer is one of those brides I immediately bonded with. On the night she inquired, we immediately started texting animal pictures back and forth which is of course a sign I found my people! I was so excited when they booked and I was able to meet them in person! They brought their two adorable fur children with them to make the session absolutely perfect!

Gunn Park engagement session in Fort Scott Kansas

It was a super cold and cloudy day, but that didn’t stop us from still having an incredible session. Thanks to the clouds, we started losing light quickly. I didn’t have my usual flash setup with me because Robby chauffeured us around town, so I had to improvise with natural light. It may have been a bit dark by the time our session ended, but you can’t tel from these images. Note to future couples, find yourself a photographer who knows how to work in any lighting condition (ok, humble brag over).

Jennifer and Robby are absolutely adorable together. They perfectly acted out all my hilarious prompts, and despite the cold, didn’t complain once throughout our entire session! These two laughed together and enjoyed the time spent with their little family!

Gunn Park engagement session in Fort Scott Kansas

It’s also so awesome to find a couple who truly trusts me. At the end of the session, Jennifer said that she has no doubt the images will be beautiful because everything I do is amazing. Awwwwww, cue the tears.

Thank you so much Jennifer and Robby for exploring Fort Scott with me for your engagement session! I can’t wait until your wedding! Here’s your full preview! More to come shortly!

Jennifer was also another one of my lovely brides to book the styled engagement session, which included hair and makeup with the amazing Amanda from Studio A Salon!

Gunn Park engagement session in Fort Scott Kansas

Hear from the couple –

How did you meet?

We met online and started talking in November of 2017. Our first date lasted 8-9 hours because once we got to talking, we couldn’t seem to stop.

How did he propose?

Well, I foolishly screwed up his first plan!! My coworkers had been teasing me about him proposing on a cruise we had planned to go on with his family to Mexico in February 2019. With my inability to keep my mouth shut, I let it slip to him around Thanksgiving about all the teasing I was enduring–never dreaming in a million years that this could actually be his plan. I believed our relationship was going that way, but I never assumed a man would be ready to propose so quickly. So our lives had been a rollercoaster trying to spend time together. He had to work Christmas on the night shift so we had made plans since we would both be off for New Years to do our Christmas then.

Christmas morning, I get a phone call when I expect he’s home and ready to go to bed to tell me that his company gave him the next night off. He spent the morning with his family and would drive up to see me afterward. He had said he wanted to open gifts at the house we were going to move into after some renovations. After a family melt down about someone drinking the last of the soda–gotta love holiday drama–we offered to run to the gas station for more. It would also give us some time alone. When we got in my car he handed me a beautifully wrapped gift.

He finally spit out the question and I kept trying to process. I was in shock so I headed to town. By the time we got to the gas station, he reminded me that I hadn’t actually said yes yet. Of course, I immediately corrected that situation. I couldn’t begin to understand that he really just proposed, but I knew I loved him and he wanted forever with me. I realized in that moment that that was more important to me than a flashy, Instagram worthy post. Real life isn’t always the movie set up, but there was real, heart capturing emotions going on in that car.

While I would have loved a proposal on a beach in Mexico too, his inability to wait and the need to surprise me made it all the more special. He made me put the ring on even though I was a mess. When my brain finally caught up, I knew my extended family were all waiting for me back home and had no clue what had gone down. I had to sneak in, get through the family prayer for dinner without anyone noticing my ring, and drag my mom off to the corner to tell her first. It was quite the celebration and a night I will never forget.

(Side note, I love Jennifer wrote a book about the proposal. Sounds pretty perfect to me!)

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

I love his ability to see me and what I need better than I can. He is there for me no matter what and I know I can rely on him. Sometimes such wisdom comes from him about my life experiences or personality that I know he must have spent so much time and energy devoted understanding me, to wanting me to be happy and feel loved.

He looks at me with that look that Disney princes give the princess when they aren’t looking, the one all girls want. Through all my faults and failures that I get tied up in, he keeps showing me grace and love.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

I love her kindness, consideration and compassion the most. She takes care of everyone around her before herself.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

Cake Tasting! Food wasn’t bad either– que the BBQ dates!

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

I’m looking forward to becoming Dr. Love–and that we will have our closest friends and family together to celebrate the joining of our lives. In a world full of chaos, we need more love and happiness.

Gunn Park engagement session in Fort Scott Kansas

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