Signature Shots

Each wedding is so unique, so shouldn’t you have a signature wedding photo completely different than anything you have seen before? I focus on giving each couple one signature shot. Whether that be a gorgeous sunset, a stunning rain shot, or an epic smoke bomb exit, I guarantee your wedding will look one of a kind.

Beautiful sunset after a wedding ceremony at the Bowery wedding venue in Spring Hill Kansas by Kansas City wedding photographer

Smoke bomb wedding exit

Night time wedding photos at Backwoods 222 venue spark machine by Mic King Events

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Kansas City night wedding pictures

Smoke bomb wedding exit

sparkler exit at Faultless Event Space wedding in Kansas City west bottoms

Wedding sunset at Backwoods Venue 222

Sunset wedding portraits at the Brownstone in Topeka Kansas

Timber Creek barn wedding in Missouri

sunset wedding photos at Cider Hill Family Orchard in Kansas City

Rainy wedding day portraits in Topeka Kansas

Kansas City wedding photographer


Backlit Bride and groom sunset wedding portraits

Smoke bomb wedding portraits

glow stick exit at the Weston Red Barn Farm

Sunset wedding pictures at Belvoir Winery

Sparkler exit at Heritage Ranch wedding in Sedalia Missouri

night wedding photos at Faultless Event Space wedding in Kansas City west bottoms

Night wedding photos with moon

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Hey! I see you scrolling through photographers like you are planning a wedding or something! What?!?!?!? I know it can be super annoying trying to figure out the differences in shooting style, editing style, personality style, all the styles!

So, let me summarize my style for you. I like sunsets and candid moments. I will give you cues to interact naturally because no one likes stuffy smiles. You will laugh a lot. We will have fun. I will make sarcastic comments and show you pictures of my cats. The end, but not really, since I fully expect you to keep me updated on your life and invite me to game nights and taco Tuesdays (I will be there for the margaritas).

Sound like what you are looking for? Get in touch!