grinter sunflower farm photo session in Lawrence Kansas

Grinter Sunflower Farm Mini Sessions

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A few weeks ago, I had 5 beautiful mini sessions at Grinter Sunflower Farm and while I would love to share every single session, there’s not enough room for all of them! I’ll share bits and pieces of each session, but I really want to highlight Licelle and Lauryn because they’re awesome and I have so much to say.

grinter sunflower farm photo session in Lawrence Kansas

I first met Licelle more than a decade together when we worked at a library together. We immediately bonded and I was thrilled every time I would see her name on the schedule with mine! It was pretty soon after we started working together when she came out to me. It was national coming out day and we were discussing random facts about ourselves (I think, this was like 12 years ago so my memory is a tad fuzzy). I don’t remember the beginning of the conversation, but I remember her saying “And I’m gay,” in such a light-hearted way. I had always been open minded, but I grew up in a sheltered environment, so I wasn’t expecting this conversation to suddenly get so deep. Of course, I was so happy she chose to share this part of herself with me and our friendship continued.

Fast forward to five years ago. I had just started my business and posted on Facebook that I was looking for models. She volunteered to let me practice on her. I delivered the images and everyone was happy (even though I cringe when I look at them today).

Fast forward a couple weeks and I get an email from one of her friends who saw the images I took. She said she was getting married in a couple months and looking for a photographer. This is how I booked my first ever wedding.

grinter sunflower farm photo session in Lawrence Kansas

Fast forward another year and another one of her friends was getting married. They hired me and thus began a running joke in their friends group that I will be photographing all their weddings.

Fast forward three years! I hadn’t talked to Licelle much since Matt and Andrew’s wedding in 2016. I posted the sign up for my sunflower minis at Grinter Farms and she was the first to sign up. I was so excited to see her again! Even though our lives have taken us in opposite directions, it’s so awesome to have a friend who has supported my business since day one (literally).

Now, let me talk to you a bit about Licelle and Lauryn together! They’re seriously the absolute best. I don’t think we stopped laughing at all during their session and you can tell how much they care about each other from the way they interact. I’m so happy they found each other!

grinter sunflower farm photo session in Lawrence Kansas

I’m so glad I was able to reconnect with Licelle and meet Lauryn. They’ve already asked me to photograph an anniversary session in March, so I can’t wait to see them again (and become best friends with them), hopefully when the world is back to normal.

grinter sunflower farm photo session in Lawrence Kansas

Keep scrolling to see all my favorite photos from the 5 sessions at Grinter Sunflower Farm! Licelle and Lauryn’s session was at the very end and I am obsessed with the beautiful golden light!


  1. Hi! I am looking for a photographer to shoot photos at Grinter farm with sunflowers. Please let me know if you are available for any weekend. Thank you.

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