Heritage Park engagement

Heritage Park Engagement | Shannon + Joe

Shannon and Joe had such a fun Heritage Park engagement session in Olathe. These two didn’t stop laughing and having a blast together the entire session. It also helped we had AMAZING weather. I’m leaving my write-up short and sweet because they wrote a book for their questionnaire and I rather use their own words.

Here’s your preview Shannon and Joe!

Heritage Park engagement

– Hear from the couple –

How did you meet?

We met at the local climbing gym ROKC in June 2021. Shannon’s perspective is on our website so our guests can know our story if they hadn’t heard it yet.

Joseph met my mom before we started dating.

I’d previously met Joseph at the local climbing gym, ROKC, where we’d discussed work and general small talk. At the time, I had stalked his facebook profile with my friend Laura (using her account so I didn’t like something by accident). I was saddened to see that he had a girl in his profile picture and was thus unavailable.

In June 2021 I had invited my mother to stay with me for the weekend. I wanted to show off my climbing abilities and planned with my friend Jamie to climb together on a Friday, ideally when no-one from work would be there to see. It just so happened that Joseph was climbing that day and when he got in he’d walked past my mom who was sitting on one of the couches watching me lead climb with a smile and a nod making her think “Wow, what a nice young man!” (Yes she actually said she thought this.)

Jamie and I briefly chatted with Joseph after we saw each other and Joseph had mentioned to Jamie he was swinging by the bar for a drink after climbing. After climbing my mom, Jamie and I were heading over to the Pizza Bar and Joseph asked if he could crash our party and hang out. We ended up sitting outside where we all had great conversations. Joseph was able to jump right in with our group. We chatted about cats and books, and ended up on apartment hunting.

Joseph: How did you decide where to live?

Jamie: I looked at a few places and ended up picking one that was close to Shannon on her recommendation.

Shannon: So… I made a spreadsheet.

Joseph: I made a spreadsheet too!

And thus the spark.

As my mom and I walked back to my car after dinner I distinctly remember looking over the roof at her as she said “I really like him.” and I responded with “I really like him too.” My smile didn’t leave my face the entire drive home.

Our first date was on Sunday, June 20th, 2021. We met at a coffee shop and talked until they closed, moving to a Thai place for dinner, before ending up at Joseph’s place talking long into the night despite having work the next morning. We’ve been inseparable since. I finally found my person.

Heritage Park engagement

How did he propose?

We started looking at rings together. It made sense for such a large purchase to involve both parties, if you’re going to wear them forever, better make sure you like them. Shannon’s main criteria were “silver” and “sparkles.” Joseph wanted his band to include a nod to Shannon’s band, but mainly black.

Joseph picked his band before Shannon. He ended up with a zirconium band with a platinum inlay that matched Shannon’s. It also included an engraving of “Shannon Elizabeth” inside the band. Shannon looked through hundreds of rings, before choosing a gorgeous marquis center diamond with smaller marquis diamonds down the engagement band; the wedding band encompasses the engagement in arching branches to echo the marquis shape. Hers also includes an inner engraving of “Joseph Patrick”.

Once the rings were ordered and received it was time for the proposal. Shannon requested a surprise, one of the jewelers had recommended it. Unbeknownst to Shannon, Joseph was already planning the perfect proposal with the help of Laura Colleli, future maid of honor, and Logan Wilson, future bridesman.

The next month and a half Joseph “worked late.” Shannon thought he was at Garmin, but he was actually at Laura and Logan’s apartment working on the proposal.

One evening, Shannon called Joseph while he was “working” to ask for him to pick up some distilled water on his way home. (Venus fly traps are picky!) Joseph took the call from Laura and Logan’s kitchen, hands covered in Elmer’s glue, scraps of cloth, and book paper clippings. The timing was not great. But he thought on his feet and said he would pick some up, and he was just now leaving – that was a gaffe. In the time it took to finish the current phase of the book, clean up, and actually get distilled water, it probably seemed like Joseph had to visit a few stores to find the distilled water. And that’s the story he went with at the time.

Shannon, thinking he must have been distracted on his way out, didn’t think much of the time it took, but thought it was strange that so many places wouldn’t have distilled water.

After a month and a half, everything was ready.

Joseph and Shannon had planned a day in the city for his birthday. A couples massage was scheduled and they were going to get some breakfast at Snooze beforehand. After the massage
Joseph played it off like it was a slow, casual, day – but little did Shannon know the whole day was planned, beginning to end, with a couple contingencies just in case. They got coffee, more coffee, went to the farmer’s market, got bubble tea, and oh, look – we just happened to be near Shannon’s favorite book store, Rainy Day Books.

They browsed the various sections as they have many times before – new releases, fiction, fantasy, sci fi, memoirs, mysteries, but Joseph suggested they go look at the botany books. Maybe they could learn a few things about their new venus fly traps.

Joseph points at a book nestled behind a few bouquets of flowers decorating the shelves. One vase looked very similar to one they had at home (Shannon completely missed it even after Joseph pointed out the beautiful flowers). He flipped to the first page and Shannon quickly realized this was not an ordinary book. Pictures of Joseph, Shannon, and their cats layered the inside of the pages. Joseph slowly flipped through the pages, telling Shannon about the wonderful love story contained inside.

Finally, Joseph gets to the last page, with Shannon’s ring perched in the pillow hidden inside the book. He gets down on one knee and asks Shannon to marry him. She said “yes, yes, yes, yes!” while nodding emphatically, cupping his cheeks and trying to pull his head up for a kiss.

The whole time, another customer in the store was taking photos of the scene playing out – except they were no ordinary customer. It was friend and photographer Taylor Hoos with Nickey Clark tagging along as an accomplice. He captured the moment and a few staged shots outside afterwards.

After photos, Joseph suggests they go get some sushi at a nearby restaurant they enjoy. Imagine her surprise when at the back of the restaurant are some of their closest friends, there to celebrate their engagement.

Heritage Park engagement

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

Shannon loves Joe’s smile, and infinite passion for life. He’s extremely driven and invested in his work, volunteer work, and hobbies, it’s both inspirational and admirable. He cares so much for others and is the most patient teacher. He pushes me to be a better person and just being with him makes any situation 10 times better with his presence.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

Joe loves Shannon’s pragmatic approach to everyday life that makes every day feel like an adventure. Every morning is like waking up on the first day of vacation – even getting ready for work feels like a party for two. She’s an extremely driven person constantly challenging herself to learn and try new things. Her adorable mannerisms (and goofy sound effects) bring a whole new dimension to everyday life and he can’t imagine a more supportive, loving, and understanding partner.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

Planning for the day we’ll be married, and anticipating everything coming together.

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Shannon can’t wait to walk down the aisle and say her vows. They’re planning to write their own, and she’s fully expecting Joseph to cry and make her cry (and hopefully not completely ruin her makeup). They’re also planning to have a unity ceremony involving tying climbing rope together,

Joe is very excited to see his bride Shannon in her dress for the first time. Holding her hand and giving her a twirl, paying particular attention to how her eyes sparkle along with her dress.

Heritage Park engagement

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