how to propose in Kansas City

How to Propose in Kansas City

Looking to propose in Kansas City? I totally get it. When you are ready to pop the question, you are sure of one thing: you love your future spouse and want to make sure the day is epic, but aren't exactly sure how to go about all the details. I'm going to tell you all the steps necessary to propose in Kansas City.

Kansas city wedding proposal

Find an Epic Location

When it comes to proposing, the most common locations are Liberty Memorial, Union Station, and the Plaza. You'll want a relatively empty location in order to focus on the moment without all eyes on you. The Plaza is a perfect location because it's big enough to sneak away while still having an amazing background and an easy dinner spot to celebrate afterward.

Where to propose in Kansas City

Hire a Photographer

Your photographer will guide you through so much of the process. You'll want to ask your photographer for advice about where to stand in order to get the best images and what time of day will offer the best light. When looking for a photographer, here are some great questions to ask:

Have you shot a proposal before?

Do you have a long lens to stay out of the way?

Will you be able to take some engagement pictures after the proposal?

If you plan on proposing after dark, do you have lighting to work for my nighttime proposal?

How to plan a Kansas City wedding proposal

Plan a Date Night

In order to make sure your future spouse isn't wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, tell her you want to take them out for a special celebration. Obviously, it works best if there is an actual special occasion coming up, but you are free to celebrate anything! Maybe they've had a rough couple of weeks at work, so you could say you want to have a nice night out because they deserve it.

Don't forget her nails! If your future spouse has a best friend or sister, ask this important person to ask her to have a spa day a few days in advance. The friend/sister could make up an excuse saying they've had a rough time the last few days and need a girl's day. This will take any suspicions off of you.

If you think she might be suspicious about a date night, tell her you won a free photo shoot at work or you have a friend who got a new camera and wants to practice. That way she'll go in preparing for the photo shoot, but not the surprise proposal.

Propose in KC

Tell their family

Make sure the family members won't want to share the news with everyone, but there will be no better feeling after the proposal than realizing all her closest family members are waiting at a nearby restaurant to celebrate with you.

Kansas City wedding proposal ideas

Plan the timeline

After all the initial steps are taken, it's important to have a rough idea of the activities of the day in order to make sure she isn't suspicious and you are showing initiative.

For example:

4 pm - See a movie on the plaza, have a carriage ride, or visit an art gallery. You'll want an activity that isn't too intensive that her hair and makeup might get ruined.

6 pm - Head to proposal spot

7 pm - Meet up with all your closest family and friends to celebrate.

best kansas city wedding proposal

Now you have it. These are easy ways to propose in Kansas City!

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