Hyde Park Couples Session | Keely + Eli

November 9, 2020

This post is going to be super short and sweet because I didn’t send Keely and Eli a full questionnaire before their couple’s session at Hyde Park last week! With every engaged couple, I get to know them as much as possible before the session. Since Keely and Eli booked a standalone session, I didn’t have that opportunity. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to blog their session. Not because it wasn’t gorgeous (it was), but because my editing queue is overflowing and I don’t guarantee I will blog every standalone session.

Hyde Park photoshoot Kansas City

After going through these images, I just had to share. These two have been together like 10 years and are still so much in love! As the session began, Keely said how she’s down for an adventure so we explored the entire park.

Halfway through the session, we encountered a random cat. As animal lovers, we paused and debated for a good 10 minutes about what to do. The cat looked fed and comfortable, so we were thinking it wasn’t a stray, but hated seeing it wander around by itself. After talking ourselves down from taking it home, we imagined it is currently living its best life in front of a fire right now. Even though this story seems random, it’s a true testament to Keely and Eli’s character. They couldn’t carry on with the session without knowing the cat is okay. These are my kind of people.

Hyde Park photoshoot Kansas City

These two are a referral from Hollis, the guy who actually officiated our wedding. Hollis is one of my best friend’s boyfriend, so I knew Keely and Eli had to be quality humans.

I had so much fun hanging out with you two at Hyde Park! Here’s your full preview! More to come shortly!


I love how snuggly they are! So much laughter and smiles!

THESE COLORS!! I just love this. And the joy is QUITE clear with these two <3