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Introducing eGolden Moments Photo & Film

I’ve teased this announcement for months and I’m finally ready to tell you all the exciting news!!!

So, I first started brainstorming the possibilities in August. Then, this dream became a reality in September. I wasn’t sure if it would last more than that one day or how I would feel about it or if I would even be able to handle it. I took it very slow as I figured out exactly how to implement this new facet of my business.

Let me be honest with you. I’m absolutely terrified. I have no idea how the community will react or if I’ll be seen as a fraud. I have, however, worked too damn hard to give up, so I’m going for it.

I would like to formally introduce you to eGolden Moments Photo and Film. In addition to being a Kansas City wedding photographer, I now offer videography! My husband, Kyle, who up until now only worked behind the scenes, will be heading up the video division of the business.

Currently, videography is offered as an add on to any photography package. You can check out all the exciting information on my new videography page!

If you want information on offerings, check out the videography page. In this post, I want to answer some questions about how the service came to be and introduce you to my wonderful husband.

Kansas City wedding videographer

How did this idea come to be?

Over the past year, I’ve had multiple couples express interest in me and then decide to go with a larger company just because they could get a deal from booking photo and video with the same company. This really made me sad because a lot of the bigger companies don’t care about the clients. Their brides and grooms are a dollar sign and they only care about the bottom line. I hated not being able to serve these couples because I didn’t offer exactly what they needed, so I decided to figure out how to make it happen. I casually brought up the idea to Kyle, fully expecting him to laugh at the idea, but he actually showed interest. He picked up a camera for the first time in August and started shooting on complete manual. He’s a natural and I’m so happy to be working with him!

Do you even know anything about video?

Yes! I actually have a degree in film, meaning I spent four years of my life learning how to make movies. When I came up with the idea of adding videography, I felt fairly confident in my ability to put together a cinematic highlight film and capture the emotions of the day because of my past experience. I’ve been creating films since elementary school. I’ve upgraded equipment since then, but I’m still just as excited about the adventure.

Who is Kyle?

To start, Kyle is my husband and I love him very much. He’s supported me on my photography adventure since day one and I am so excited to add him to my team. During the week, Kyle is a high school chemistry teacher. At night, Kyle packs up orders for his eBay store. He’s a little busy, but still agreed to add on a third job for some crazy reason. He must love me or something. His wedding day personality is very much “stay in the background and don’t get in the way.” He’ll be capturing your day with a telephoto lens as unobtrusively as possible.

Do you have more questions? Ask us in the comments! We are so excited for what’s to come!

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