Last week I made an announcement that we are adding videography to our services! I’m still so pumped about that, but today I wanted to bring you another exciting announcement! This one has less to do with you and more to do with me, but I thought I would share it since I’m excited what this will mean to my future clients.

Kansas City wedding photographer home office design

I would like to introduce you to my home office!  For the past five years, I’ve been working wherever I felt like on my laptop. I’m awful at sitting still, so having a mobile office felt right. Now with the video editing, I needed a larger screen to be able to work. My 15 inch Macbook Pro is no longer cutting it. I’m a bit of a Mac collector and I also have had a 27 inch iMac that I rarely use. Sitting at a desktop is really hard for me! When I built my home office, I was thinking about ways to use my iMac and still have portability. Well the desk I bought can adjust heights. Yay for having a standing desk and whenever I get bored on the desktop, I can turn around to work on my laptop. I still fully expect to be editing on the couch more than I’m editing at a desk, but it’s worth a try.

Kansas City wedding photographer home office design

In the future, I absolutely plan on meeting clients in my office. I make some pretty delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies and coffee is always freely flowing. I’m in the process of working on a better structure for designing albums, which will be more of a collaborative process. I’ll invite you over, we’ll eat cookies, drink some wine (or coffee), and get the whole album process knocked out in one night. No more emailing back and forth for months to sort it all out.

Anyway, with this creation of my new workspace, I needed pictures in said workspace. So, I forced Kyle to take pictures of me. You’ll learn quite a bit about me from these new “headshots.”

  1. A cat will always insist on being included.
  2. I am an incredibly awkward human.
  3. I never know what to do with my hands.
  4. I don’t usually edit in a dress, but pajamas aren’t really ideal for headshots.

Kansas City wedding photographer home office design

I kept telling Kyle to make me laugh and he took that request a bit too far several times throughout our 10 minute shoot.

Enjoy all my seriousness, awkwardness, and just plain weirdness. Also, please come over sometime soon and see my office. I’m incredibly proud of it!

Kansas City wedding photographer home office design


Umm you’re adorable and you look like so much fun!


These photos are so damn fun! Love them all!

you’re adorable, love these headshots! You’ve inspired me to clean up my workspace, it currently looks like a tornado went off in my room. 🙂

What fun headshots! I love your new office! I switched to an adjustable standing/sitting desk last year, and it made a huge difference in my comfort level when working. Your clients are going to love visiting you in your space!

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