Liberty Memorial engagement session

Kansas City Engagement | Katie + Ryan

Katie and Ryan had a great Kansas City engagement session with Nicolette last weekend! These two explored the Nelson and Liberty Memorial to get all the Kansas City views.

Nelson engagement session

From what I can tell, these two didn’t stop laughing throughout the entire session. It may have been a bit windy and cold, but their smiles still shined through.

Thank you for choosing us! Here’s your full preview!

Nelson engagement session

– Hear from the couple –

How did he propose?

Ryan and I got engaged last April (Easter weekend). Ryan had told me a few weeks before that his mom was going to be in town for work, not abnormal since she does lots of traveling for work, and that she wanted to go to lunch with us while she was in town. Ryan picked me up for lunch, he had told me we were going to a place near Scheel’s. I like to look at menu’s before hand, so I assumed we were going somewhere we had been before because he had not told me specifically where we were going. While driving to lunch, Ryan told me that his mom had called when he was headed to my house and she wanted to go to the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens before we headed to lunch. I thought this detour was a little odd, especially since I know very little about plants, but it was a beautiful, sunny, warm spring day. I sent my two best friends a text of my suspicions. Ryan had all the specific details and gave me no reason to ask questions. He knew which of the parts of the garden we were headed to and said that his mom was waiting for us there. As we were heading down the path, I could see the end of the path where there was a bench and noticed that his mom was not there. I remember pulling back on his hand and stopping in my tracks. I immediately was crying as he continued to lead me down the path. I am positive Ryan said incredible things as he asked me to marry. him, but I just remember the feeling of how excited, happy, and completely shocked I was. Ryan had thought of everything. He had a college friend there to take pictures of us. It was more than I ever could have dreamed of. We did not stay long at the Arboretum. We got back into the car, and I asked if his mom was really in town and if we were headed to lunch still. He said that we were not headed to lunch, but that he did have snacks in the car and that he had made food at home. We drove back to his house. I never even got my phone out to text back my two friends who were holding their breath waiting to hear if my thoughts were correct. Once we got back to his house, we walked in and I remember talking about our plans for when my lease ended at the end of May and credit scores. I walked in the house like I had plenty of times before, set my things on the kitchen counter and started to walk into the living room to let Ryan’s dog, Buster, out of his kennel. That’s when I was again caught off guard with “Congratulations and Surprise!”. Again Ryan had thought of EVERYTHING. He had my parents, my sister, as well as his parents and his brother there to celebrate with us! We were able to celebrate with our families that day with yard games and snacks and then we went to dinner at Garozzo’s for dinner.

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

Ryan is the calm to my chaos and the logical to my irrational. I have always been able to be my authentic self around Ryan and he has never once made me feel as though I need to apologize or change the person I truly am. He is the most empathetic listener.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

What I love most about Katie: There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to list them all out, so here are a few. Katie is the most genuine, loving, and caring person that I have ever met. She puts everything she has into everything she does, and does so for the benefit of those around her. Her students, her family, and especially me, are lucky to have her in our lives. From the moment I saw her walk into Tiff n’ Jay’s with that big smile on her face, I knew she was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Every time I see her smile, brings me back to that moment where I knew she was the one.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

Wedding planning with a venue that was foreclosed on has been stressful. Initially there was not a lot we loved about the planning, however, reflecting on the process it has been the memories that we have been making as we combine our two families. Dress fittings with my mom, sister and Ryan’s mom. Hearing the engagement stories of our parents again and listening to them reminisce about their weddings.

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Seeing each other but also being able to share our day with extended family and friends.

Liberty Memorial engagement session

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