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the best wedding venues in Kansas City

WOOHOO YOU SAID YES! Now, it’s time to plan the most epic celebration ever! The first step after getting engaged is to find the best venue for you! As a Kansas City Wedding Photographer, I’ve worked at hundreds of different venues in Kansas City, Topeka, Sedalia, and more.

Before you begin the search for your perfect Kansas City wedding venue, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How many guests are we going to invite? Your guest list sets the tone for the entire event, so sit down with your significant other soon after getting engaged and put together a rough list. It doesn’t need to be exact, but always overestimate. You don’t want to book a venue fit for 100 and realize your guest count is closer to 200.
  2. What season do you want? A lot of venues are absolutely gorgeous in the summer, but look a bit dead in the winter. On the other hand, if you want to primarily use the indoor space, the outside might not matter as much!
  3. Do you want an outdoor ceremony? If you are planning on getting married outside, the outdoors will be way more important. Take note of the ceremony location and the location of the sun during your chosen ceremony time. You don’t want to choose a ceremony time that will blind your guests or your partner as you’re saying your vows.
  4. How much decorating do you want to do? This is completely personal preference. If you are wanting to make the entire wedding your own, starting with a blank slate venue would be most ideal. If you would prefer to do as little decorating as possible, book a venue that provides some decor for you or looks great without any additional touches.
Backwoods Venue 222 wedding reception

Backwoods Venue 222

Backwoods Venue 222 in Gower, Missouri, is a rustic haven for weddings. Nestled amid nature, it offers a charming setting surrounded by tall pines. The wooden structures enhance its rustic appeal, providing an intimate and picturesque backdrop for couples to celebrate their love in a serene and enchanting environment.

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Sunset wedding pictures at Belvoir Winery

Belvoir Winery

Belvoir Winery in Liberty, Missouri, is a captivating wedding venue immersed in history and elegance. Set against the backdrop of a historic estate and picturesque vineyards, it offers a timeless and romantic atmosphere. Couples can exchange vows in a charming setting, creating unforgettable moments amidst the winery’s sophisticated charm.

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Video dance floor first dance at Berry Acres

Berry Acres

Berry Acres in Odessa, Missouri, is a premier wedding venue offering rustic charm and modern elegance. Set against a scenic backdrop, the venue features sprawling landscapes and stylish amenities. Couples can create lasting memories in this idyllic setting, making Berry Acres an ideal choice for a truly magical and memorable wedding day.

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Sunset portraits at Eighteen Ninety wedding in Platte City

Eighteen Ninety

Eighteen Ninety Event Space in Kansas City invites guests to experience a seamless blend of timeless charm and modern sophistication. With two venues to choose from, guests can create cherished memories in the versatile and stylish event spaces, ensuring a truly remarkable celebration.

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Bride and groom romantic fall photos at Enchanted Acres wedding venue Harrisonville

Enchanted Acres

Enchanted Acres Venue in Harrisonville is a captivating setting for special events. Surrounded by natural beauty, the venue offers a magical atmosphere for weddings and celebrations. With its charming rustic features and enchanting landscapes, Enchanted Acres creates a memorable backdrop for unforgettable moments in Harrisonville, Missouri.

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Executive Hills Polo Club wedding

Executive Hills Polo Club

Executive Hills Polo Club offers a sophisticated and elegant venue for special occasions in Kansas City. Surrounded by lush landscapes, this club provides a refined atmosphere for weddings and events. With its timeless charm and exclusive setting, Executive Hills Polo Club creates unforgettable moments for truly exceptional celebrations in Kansas City.

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Kansas City wedding photographer

Farms at Woodend Springs

Farms at Woodend Springs is a picturesque venue in Kansas City, offering a charming setting for weddings and special events. Embraced by scenic beauty, the venue provides a rustic yet elegant atmosphere, creating a memorable backdrop for celebrations. With its tranquil ambiance and natural allure, Farms at Woodend Springs ensures an unforgettable experience in Kansas City.

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Flander Hall

Flander Hall, situated in downtown Excelsior Springs, is a premier venue for events in Kansas City. With its elegant and versatile space, it sets the stage for memorable weddings and special occasions. The hall’s timeless design and attention to detail create a sophisticated backdrop, making Flander Hall the perfect choice for extraordinary celebrations in Kansas City.

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Orrick Missouri wedding

Home Place at Valley View

Home Place at Valley View, located in Orrick, Missouri, is a scenic and inviting venue for memorable events. Surrounded by natural beauty, it creates a charming setting for weddings and special occasions. With its rustic elegance and warm ambiance, Home Place at Valley View in Orrick guarantees unforgettable moments, making it the ideal choice for celebrations in this quaint Missouri town.

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Legacy at Green Hills wedding

Legacy at Green Hills

Legacy at Green Hills, situated in Kansas City, is a premier event venue radiating sophistication and charm. With its stylish space and timeless design, it provides an exceptional backdrop for memorable weddings and special occasions. The venue’s commitment to excellence ensures a memorable setting for celebrations, making Legacy at Green Hills the ideal choice for events in Kansas City.

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Fall Lone Summit Ranch wedding

Lone Summit Ranch

Nestled within the heart of Kansas City, Lone Summit Ranch is more than just a venue—it’s an extraordinary haven of charm and individuality. With its captivating space and timeless design, this one-of-a-kind destination crafts an enchanting setting for unparalleled weddings and special occasions. Embracing a commitment to excellence, Lone Summit Ranch ensures a truly distinctive backdrop for celebrations, making it the ultimate choice for events in Kansas City.

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Pavilion Event Space Wedding

Pavilion Event Space

Pavilion Event Space, centrally located in Kansas City, redefines the event experience with its unique and captivating ambiance. Beyond a traditional venue, it offers a distinctive setting for unforgettable weddings and special occasions. Infused with charm and creativity, Pavilion Event Space stands as the perfect choice, promising an exceptional backdrop for celebrations in the heart of Kansas City.

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The Haven Event Space wedding

The Haven Event Space

Nestled amid the charm of Louisburg, The Haven Event Space seamlessly blends tradition with cutting-edge technology. Ideal for unforgettable weddings and special occasions, The Haven Event Space stands as a tech-infused haven, ensuring a distinctive and memorable celebration in Louisburg.

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Timber Creek Event Center wedding ceremony in St. Joe Missouri

Timber Creek Event Center

Timber Creek Event Center is an enchanting canvas for weddings, blending rustic elegance with modern charm in St. Joe. The venue’s scenic beauty and contemporary amenities create a unique ambiance, ensuring unforgettable moments. With its thoughtful design, Timber Creek offers couples a distinctive setting to craft their perfect celebration of love.

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