Once the day is all said and done, you’ll love how your photos show the emotions in your dad’s face as he tells stories of your childhood, but will you remember what he said? Probably not. That’s why we are thrilled to now offer Kansas City Wedding Videography.

From personal experience, I can’t remember a thing that happened during our ceremony. I was a nervous wreck and mainly focused on not falling down. Having a video will help you remember all the emotions you felt throughout the day and the words of those who mean the most to you.


Of course! E. Golden Moments is still a photography company first and foremost. However, it is strongly recommended to hire a photographer and videographer from the same company. Kyle and I have been together almost a decade. We know how to anticipate each other’s moves and he knows exactly what I do and when I do it on a wedding day. So, you are guaranteed to get an even better photo and video experience by hiring both of us together.

Yes! Starting with 2021 weddings, video is offered as a standalone option for select wedding dates. We typically only book last minute standalone videography no more than 6 months in advance. Send us a message if you want to see if your date is available!

Yes! Video can be added on at any time, but keep in mind, availability is limited. Most couples will want to book photography and videography together to guarantee their date will be available since we only take 15 video weddings a year.

The short answer is yes! Photos are beautiful and can capture so much, but photos can’t capture the warmth in your voice as you say your vows to your beloved. They can’t capture the single tear from your mother as she tells the story of the time she knew your spouse was the one or while your father stumbles over his words choking back tears reminiscing on your childhood. Photos do a great job, but you’re still missing out on so much by not hiring a videographer.

Yes! RAW video footage is always free as long as you provide us with a hard drive or flash drive. You’ll receive hours of unedited footage to see all the moments of your day!

Yes! Do you want a full ceremony edit, full speeches, etc? This all can be added on and customized to fit exactly what you want! Be sure to ask how we can make your dream videography package a reality.

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