What to Look for in a Makeup Artist

Hey there! This is the fifth article in the series “How to Hire a.” I’ve been talking to several industry professionals and each week, I will publish another article in the series.

Wedding planning can be hard and annoying. I know, I’m going through it as well! So, hopefully I can take some of the stress off of you by giving you valuable information.

This series will help you know what to look for when hiring different vendors. I had each vendor answer a few questions that will give you insight into how his or her business is run and what you should keep in mind when looking to hire that particular vendor.

Next we have Renee Freund, a makeup artist with Mary Kay. I met Renee back in July at a bridal show. I was stationed next to her. I did another bridal show in January, and once again, she was next to me. Following this show, we started talking and she offered to give me a makeover as part of a women in the industry project she’s working on. I thought it was only fair to add her to my project. She is currently based in the middle of Kansas, but travels to the Kansas City area for no additional charge.

Three fun facts:

  1. I show AQHA performance horses.
  2. I am a certified reading specialist & taught for 8 years before staying at home.
  3. I LOVE huge Victorian houses (like my own!)


Facebook: Mary Kay – Renee Freund


How far in advance do you usually book up?

Over a year!

How many months before the wedding do you recommend couples book you? Why?

A year or so-otherwise your date will be taken. I recommend booking as soon as possible and then meeting again a month or so before your wedding for a final makeup consultation to try any new products or trends you might want to include for your special look.

What do you want couples to keep in mind when researching your service/others offering the same service?

Try before your big day to be sure your style is the same as your makeup artist. If you don’t want a dramatic, smoky eye on your big day be sure your makeup artist knows you are uncomfortable with that and can offer a neutral alternative.

What are some of the most common/most important questions to ask about your service?

How long does it take you? 30 minutes per bridesmaid, an hour for the bride

How do the products you use hold up to heat & time? Will I need to reapply or touch up? Your foundation, eyeshadow, and cheek color should not budge, however, you will want to invest in beauty blotters for tears/sweat. Lipstick wear is highly dependent upon the individual, even lip stains advertised for all day wear may come off. Your lipstick stays best on well hydrated lips, but it is also a good idea to have a tube on hand in your maid of honor’s purse for perfect photos.

What do you wish every couple knew about your service/wedding planning in general?

In my company (Mary Kay Cosmetics) our primary purpose is to teach/instruct in skincare and makeup. So, if you want to DIY, I’m more than happy to teach you how to achieve your desired look. However, the advantage to hiring a makeup artist is that he/she will have WAY more products on hand for you to use. For instance, I personally bring over 40 choices of lip color, in addition to any trending eyeshadow, cheek, and lip colors of the season.

How many hours overall would you say you spend on each wedding?

Before the wedding, I make sure I have all of my products ready to go and include some extras like finishing spray. On the day of, I prep and makeup for the bridesmaids, bride, as well as family if desired. This may take as long as 4 hours! Having a makeup artist provides perfection to faces, so they look as amazing in candids as they do in the retouched, professional photos. After the wedding day, I keep in touch with my bride & bridesmaids. Chances are, they loved their looks and will want to use some of the products again.

What’s your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

Meeting new people & seeing the excitement on the bride’s face as she talks about her plans!

How involved are you in the planning process?

I ask the bride to send me ideas of her perfect wedding day look and then it’s my job to recreate that for her!

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to couples planning their weddings?

At the end of the day, no matter what all happens, you will be MARRIED!

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