loose park engagement photos

Loose Park Engagement | Laura + Nolan

Picture this. You're all excited about your engagement session. You put on that pretty dress. You do your hair and makeup. You check the forecast religiously. You see a 50% chance of rain. Ok, that's fine. It probably won't be too bad. Then, you show up only to be faced with a torrential downpour. This happened to Laura and Nolan last Fall. We met up at Parkville Nature Sanctuary to find this gorgeous waterfall. Instead, we ended up going on a hike through the mud in the rain. They rocked their session, but I really wanted to give them the engagement session they had always dreamed of. So, I offered them round two.

loose park engagement photos

When we first made these plans, I assumed I would be crazy busy in the middle of wedding season. We all know that didn't happen, so this session gave me an excuse to get out and take some pretty pictures after an unwanted hiatus. Once again, the weather wasn't in our favor. I texted Laura the day of the session asking if she wanted to postpone again. We had already postponed twice because of COVID, but I wanted to make sure she didn't miss out on the engagement session experience.

To my surprise, Laura and Nolan were all for experiencing another session in the rain. She said, "if it rains, I guess we're meant to have engagement pictures in the rain." I loved their 'up for anything' attitude. We met up at Loose Park fully expecting another rainy session, but the weather actually held out! It had been raining all day and looked like there was about a 50% chance of rain once again. When it came time for the session, it was cloudy and gross looking, but no rain! Let's just hope this is the universes way of getting all the rain out of its system before their October wedding.

loose park engagement photos

Rain is never desired when it comes to engagement pictures or a wedding day, but whatever happens, they know how much they love each other and will always make the best of the situation.

Loose Park was the perfect location for their second round of engagement pictures. The flowers were in bloom and the rose garden looked incredibly beautiful. I'm so glad we were able to capture these perfect images for them!

Thanks for hanging out with me once again Laura and Nolan! Here's your full preview!

loose park engagement photos

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