So I’m not really sure if I should call this session a wedding or an engagement session, but regardless, it was a beautiful session. Laura and Son were married a few months ago, but never got a chance to wear their formal wedding attire. Laura contacted me about scheduling a “pre-wedding session.” At first, I wasn’t sure if she was talking about an engagement session or bridal portraits. It turns out she was talking about a little of both. Her and Son wanted a chance to wear their gorgeous attire at a gorgeous location.

They chose Loose Park because of the Rose Garden. Although the flowers were mostly gone, the park is still gorgeous. It was 100 degrees out, but we still managed to spend an hour exploring and taking some beautiful shots.

Thanks Laura and Son for trusting me with your engagement/wedding images. Here’s a preview. There are more to come shortly!

How did he propose?

He propose on Christmas Day, December 25, 2016 at the bridge by the Cheesecake Factory

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

I love being around him whenever we do get a chance to either if I’m off every other Sundays, and or if he doesn’t work on weds, I like to be able to spend time with him. He does a lot for me, when I needed him, help with paperwork, or any other stuff that I do not understand, he’s there for me. Even though I nagged a lot to him, he still make an effort to help me or try. I love how he’s always there for him through everything (what are husband are for haha). He’s a very easy-going , he’s always there for me financially, and willing to help me get back up. Everyday after work, I always cannot wait to go lay next to him and cuddle.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

I love how caring my wife is, no matter how much we fight or when she mad at me, she still care for him and feed me.

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