Parkville Nature Sanctuary

Parkville Nature Sanctuary Engagement | Jessica + Donnie

It was hot last Friday, but Jessica, Donnie and I still had a great time exploring the Parkville Nature Sanctuary for their engagement session.

When I first virtually met Jessica and Donnie, Jessica mentioned how they loved nature and wanted that sort of look for their session. There is no better place than the Parkville Nature Sanctuary.

Parkville Sanctuary engagement

Funny story time. So this is the fourth session I've had at Parkville Nature Sanctuary. This location was first mentioned to me by a 2019 couple who frequently explored the Parkville Nature Sanctuary. The couple was familiar with the park, so they led the way. Me, being the most awful person with directions, had literally no idea where we were. The second couple saw the first session and also loved it, so I ventured out once again. This time, I somehow managed to find the correct path all on my own. It was a miracle! The third couple...wasn't so lucky. It was a rainy day (the forecast said 20% chance, but it didn't stop raining until the very end of our session) and I thought I could find the trail once again. Boy was I wrong. Instead of taking the .5 mile trail to the waterfall, we ended up on a 2 mile trail around the entire park. We were wet by the end of it, but it was still fun and we were able to capture some cool shots!

Because of this unfortunate experience, I did tons of research before Jessica and Donnie's session. I memorized the correct trail and even texted Jessica to make sure I remembered exactly the path we needed to take. Even though all the sessions were fun, I didn't want to get lost in the Parkville Nature Sanctuary again!

Parkville Sanctuary engagement

Anyway, I'm so glad Jessica and Donnie chose this location because I am no longer scared of Parkville Nature Sanctuary.

These two were so fun to work with! At the beginning of every session, I ask the groom how good he is at thinking of funny things on the spot. Typically, he says not very, so I pull out my cheatsheet. My cheatsheet is comprised of about 15 one liners that I've written down over the past few years. They're super weird, but usually do the trick to break the ice and bring out genuine reactions. I showed Donnie the list and he gave a few awkward chuckles. After I put them into the position and told him to whisper something funny to her, he started cracking up. After a few moments of laughter, he said they're just too weird. Oh well, his reaction was all I needed!

Parkville Nature Sanctuary

If you've ever had a session with me, you know I say some weird stuff. Some couples go along with the prompts, some don't. It doesn't really matter if they actually follow through since the reactions to my "awesome" prompts are always pretty great!

Thank you so much Jessica and Donnie for spending your Friday night with me! Here's your full preview! Your full gallery will be delivered shortly! 🙂 I can't wait to celebrate next year at one of my favorite venues, Berry Acres!

Parkville Nature Sanctuary

Hear from the couple -

How did he propose?

Lets just say Donnie sure does know how to keep a secret! I had absolutely no idea that he was even planning to ask me. I always knew that we would get married but we hadn't really talked about when. Donnie is spontaneous and for him to plan a weekend for us downtown wasn't out of the ordinary. He booked a really nice hotel for us to stay at that weekend and got tickets to a show we both really like. We had an amazing table with drinks and a waitress at the front of the stage! About halfway through the show they started asking people how long they had been together and picked Donnie to come up on stage. ( little did I know this was all planned before we even got there. Donnie had been coming up to the venue where the show was to meet with the manager of the show to plan the whole thing out!) Once Donnie was up on stage they had a balloon skit and taught him how to make a balloon animal. They then asked me to come up on stage with him and turn around so I couldn't see him. When I turned back around he was down on one knee in front of the entire audience! I will remember that night forever! I was over the moon happy and excited!

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

Donnie is my rock and biggest supporter. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself. He has stayed by my side through some really bad times and didn't turn his back on me. He is very loving and gentle and makes me very happy. I love how he plans special things for us to do and I don't even know until we get there!

Question for the groom: what do you love most about her?

Jessica is always supportive of my goals and the things that i want to do. Even if it isn't her idea of fun, she'll still be there to help out.

What's your favorite part about wedding planning?

I love that we get to go through this journey together. I love everything about wedding planning.

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Walking down the aisle and seeing my future husband at the other end!

Parkville Sanctuary engagement

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