Pavilion Event Space Wedding | Katie + Taylor

It’s my wedding weekend and I’m so proud of myself for cranking out blogs from all three of my weddings last weekend! Anyway, enough about me. Let me tell you about Katie, Taylor, and their beautiful day at the Pavilion Event Center.

Katie is one bride who I instantly connected with. She’s such a sweet person and didn’t let any obstacle in the day affect her.

The forecast for the day made it look awful. They were predicting a 100 percent chance of rain all day and we were all a little bummed about it. I’ve shot at the Pavilion before, but I’ve never had a chance to shoot a wedding in the open air chapel. I wanted the wedding outside so badly (probably even more than Katie. Sorry for being so insistent but these images are incredible). Thankfully, the rain stopped for about the length of the ceremony. It started pouring again during formals following the ceremony. Despite the rainy weather, we still had plenty of time for outside pictures. We even had the chance to get some incredible rain shots.

I did experience a first during this wedding though. The power went out halfway through the reception. We cut the cake in the dark, a fun task and made me realize just how awesome my off camera lights are. Since the power was out on the entire block, Katie and Taylor decided to do their sparkler exit since it was super nice outside at this point. Following the sparklers, we had about an hour to just play outside. We messed around with long exposures and rain shots! Even though the day didn’t go as planned, everyone had an incredible time and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to spend so much time on creative shots.

Thank you so much Katie and Taylor for allowing me to be part of your gorgeous day at the Pavilion Event Center. I’m so glad to have met you both and I’m looking forward to being great friends!

Venue: The Pavilion Event

DJ: DJ Usala

Catering: Hyvee

Gown: Diva’s Plus-Size Closet Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Jen Bunker

Share your inspiration and the atmosphere you’re creating for your wedding.

Relaxed, but semi-formal. We want our guests to feel the love, in a relaxed setting, enjoying their time as much as we will enjoy ours!

Share how (or why) you chose your wedding venue(s).

Bride fell in love with the look and feel of the venue. it was only the 2nd venue we saw, and we saw four more afterwards, but always came back to the Pavilion.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Don’t procrastinate on planning anything! Give yourself plenty of time to iron out the details, because your wedding planning time will FLY BY. We had eighteen months of planning time, and I still felt towards the end we didn’t have enough time!

What was your favorite part of the planning process?

I loved seeing it all come together. The little details finally started to weave together, creating our perfect day. Pinterest was my favorite place to go for any ideas.

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