Hey! I see you scrolling through photographers like you are planning a wedding or something! What?!?!?!? I know it can be super annoying trying to figure out the differences in shooting style, editing style, personality style, all the styles!

So, let me summarize my style for you. I like sunsets and candid moments. I will give you cues to interact naturally because no one likes stuffy smiles. You will laugh a lot. We will have fun. I will make sarcastic comments and show you pictures of my cats. The end, but not really, since I fully expect you to keep me updated on your life and invite me to game nights and taco Tuesdays (I will be there for the margaritas).

You want a photographer who can work in any lighting condition.

While I specialize in taking pictures after the lights go down, I'm known for being able to shoot in all lighting conditions. Want killer reception photos in a reception hall with no windows? I got you! Want the most gorgeous detail photos to remember the day? Yeah I can do that too. What about those breathtaking mid-afternoon photos with no shade in sight? Yep, I can make that happen.