Private Property engagement in Missouri with rain and a rainbow

Private Property Engagement | Tori + Derrick

Tori and Derrick’s engagement session will be one I will never forget. As everyone knows, the weather lately has been pretty crappy. We originally had the session scheduled for the weekend and rescheduled because mid-week weather looked a lot more promising.

Private Property engagement in Missouri with rain and a rainbow

The universe decided the rescheduled date needed to have even worse weather. This didn’t phase Tori and Derrick. They decided to go forward with the session regardless and I’m glad they did. The session started overcast and gloomy, but you can’t tell from these images. About halfway through, it started pouring and then the clouds slightly parted to show an amazing rainbow.

Private Property engagement in Missouri with rain and a rainbow

Everyone was soaked by the end of the session, but it was totally worth it for these iconic images.

Thanks for embracing the elements with me Tori and Derrick! Here’s your full preview!

– Hear from the couple –

How did he propose?

The weekend before Christmas we went to Austin TX to spend time with my (Tori) brother and brother-in-law. Every time we visit they always have a fun filled plan in place for us. This trip we booked a river walk Christmas light display with a fun dinner in downtown Austin as well as planning a traditional family Christmas dinner and have family photos taken. The evening of the Christmas light display it ended up raining and the event was more of a several mile journey than a light walk…I wore heels for the fun dinner after. The boys kept wanting to take pictures every chance they could and needless to say my feet had had enough. We enjoyed the dinner and woke up the next day to start preparing the traditional meal we were having that night. It was a great day! As dinner time was approaching we decided it was time to take our family photos. Chase needed a couple models so he could get the camera settings right, Derrick and I hopped right up. Chase snapped a few and asked if I would come give my opinion on the settings, thats when I saw Derrick had a ring in his hand during our “test” pictures and then he got down on one knee. I truly could not have been more surprised and full of joy! Once we could all breathe again Derrick quickly told me how his original plan was to propose at the Christmas light display the night before, the laughs quickly followed as it all started to make sense! Poor Derrick had a stressful weekend, but the ultimate goal was accomplished and our love story continues to bring us smiles and adoration.

Private Property engagement in Missouri with rain and a rainbow

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