This week was a crazy one and it’s not even close to over, but I’m so excited to share gorgeous wedding images from the Richman Arboretum! This Richman Arboretum is a gorgeous venue in Hutchinson, Kansas. Since I live about three hours away, it was a long day, but these images make it worth every hour I spent in the car. I drove from Kansas City to Hutchinson and back in one day. Thankfully I had so much adrenaline going that the drive didn’t even bother me. sunset wedding pictures in hutchinson kansas Anyway, onto Jordon and Eric’s amazing wedding day! The day started getting ready at a cute little cottage on the property. Jordon had all her details beautifully laid out for me when I arrived. As much as I love details, my favorite part of getting ready was their cute little puppy, Bella. Be prepared to see more puppy pictures than human pictures. I loved how they were able to incorporate their dog and even had her put on a dress and converse. Yes, everyone in the wedding party, including Bella, were wearing converse. Bella sat their peacefully while Jordon slipped the shoes onto all four of her feet. Talk about all the adorableness! getting ready at richman arboretum After getting ready, Jordon specified she wanted two different types of first looks. She wanted one where her and Eric were holding hands surrounded by their wedding party and then she wanted to turn the corner to have a more traditional first look. There was not a dry eye in the wedding party. I’ve never done a first look with the entire wedding party before, but I loved the way this turned out.

Kansas City wedding photographer Following the first look, we took gorgeous portraits by the lake followed by an emotional ceremony. The look Eric gave Jordon as she walked down the aisle was priceless. Since Jordon and Eric live three hours away, I had only talked to them on the phone prior to their wedding day, so I had no idea what to expect. Their love was evident and it was so precious to watch the way they embraced each other. This is the dictionary definition of true love!

To top it all off, we had perfect weather. It was 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

Thank you so much Jordon and Eric for allowing me to be part of your gorgeous day at Richman Arboretum. Here’s your full preview! Keep scrolling 🙂 

sunset wedding pictures in hutchinson kansas


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Share your inspiration and the atmosphere you’re creating for your wedding:

Vintage rustic outdoors fun chill.

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I wanted a barn outdoors.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their wedding?

Do your invites through fb much easier and cheaper lol

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Venue: Richman Arboretum

Photographer: eGolden Moments