at home anniversary photos with cats

Shawnee Mission Park Anniversary | Janelle + Russ

Janelle and Russ had a gorgeous Shawnee Mission Park anniversary session last night! Let me start by saying I absolutely love these two! From their engagement session and wedding last year to their anniversary session, there’s no shortage of laughter in their relationship!

Kansas city anniversary photographer

When Janelle first contacted me months ago about documenting their anniversary, I was thrilled. They were in the process of buying a home and wanted to document this new chapter in their lives. So, they invited me over to get a few pictures with their kitties and new house. Any time a client contacts me about having family photos with their cats, the answer is obviously hell yes. I work for cat pets.

Cats aren’t always the easiest to photograph, but with some treat bribing, they tolerated it long enough for us to get a few good pictures. Thank you camera for rapid fire. If I take enough pictures, I’m bound to get at least one good one with all four family members looking at the camera. The cats were very unsure about this stranger forcing their parents to snuggle with them, but we made it work.

After we took a few inside, we stepped outside to capture the beauty of their new house. One of their cats, however. still wanted to be included in the action. See if you can spot the photo bomber staring out the window ? Janelle and Russ didn’t have any problem with this creeper being part of their couple photos though. I mean, any opportunity to get a cat included is a win even if it’s through a closed door.

at home anniversary photos with cats

We finished the session at Shawnee Mission Park and experienced the most perfect golden light. That glow was on point!!

Janelle and Russ are just the most kind-hearted, chill people on the planet. Their wedding was one of my favorites and I loved hanging out with them again! They also now live about 5 minutes from me, so I’ve decided we are going to be best friends and hang out all the time.

Thanks for spending your anniversary with me Janelle and Russ! I’m excited for our session next year in Norway…kidding…but seriously, I expect to come with next time you go on an epic vacation!

Kansas city anniversary photographer

Here’s your full preview! Enjoy!

P.S. cats are life so everyone please hire me to take photos of you with your fur babies.

Golden light shawnee mission park anniversary photo session

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