It’s officially winter and I am not happy about it! However, I am happy that I got to spend the last weekend of Fall at Shawnee Mission Park with two amazing couples. I blogged about Christina and Todd yesterday, so now it is time to talk about Alysen and Alex’s fantastic Shawnee Mission Park engagement session.

Shawnee Mission Park engagement session

I have known Alysen and Alex for about four years now. I actually worked with both of them at Best Buy while I was just getting my business off the ground. I immediately bonded with Alysen over our mutual love for cats. She had one cat at the time and then got a second cat shortly after. Her second cat’s name is Catmeat. I had to mention this because it’s the coolest name ever.

Anyway, I watched Alysen and Alex as their relationship blossom over the years. Even after I left Best Buy to grow my business, I kept in contact with Alysen. As a hair and makeup artist, she actually helped me with my first ever styled shoot. Last year, she did hair and makeup for Perri and Matt‘s wedding, so we were able to connect once more.

Shawnee Mission Park engagement session

When I saw it pop up on Facebook that she and Alex were engaged, I was so happy for them! Even if I don’t have the chance to be part of the wedding, it makes me happy to see Facebook friends be happy. I was even happier when she actually reached out to me about photographing the wedding! I get to be part of their most special of days and I could not be more ecstatic!

Now, onto the engagement session. We could not have had more perfect weather. It was 60 degrees and partly cloudy. The wind was a tad bit annoying and cold, but we made it work. The Fall colors at Shawnee Mission Park were definitely on point. Fall was short-lived, but it was definitely beautiful while it was here.

Shawnee Mission Park Fall engagement session

I loved watching Alysen and Alex interact. It’s so clear how perfect they are together and how much they love being together. At one point during the session, Alex randomly kissed Alysen on the hand. That was pretty much the cutest thing ever. I had them walking, giggling, holding hands, and then he just kissed her hand. It was so cute, I had them redo it so I could get a better angle.

One of my favorite moments of the session happened at the very end. It was getting dark, so I asked Alysen and Alex if they were ready to wrap up. They were thinking about any other shots they may want while a leaf fell and got stuck in Alysen’s glasses. We agreed that the universe thought it was time to call it a night. What a perfect ending to a gorgeous session 🙂

Overland Park engagement session

Thank you so much Alysen and Alex for hanging out with me for your Shawnee Mission Park engagement session. I seriously cannot wait until your wedding in September! They’re having a funnel cake truck, so it’s going to be pretty epic…

Here’s your full preview!

Hear from the couple –

How did he propose?

We always see a movie on Christmas with our friends. After the movie, Alex suggested we walk around Town Center to look at the Christmas lights. I was distracted by a guest cat that was in our apartment (long story…) and wanted to get home ASAP. I finally said yes but it had to be quick. We went to have a friend take a picture of us and I turned around to him on his knee. I don’t think I actually ever said “yes,” but “are you f****ing kidding me?”

Question for the bride: what do you love most about him?

I love how good of a person he is; how he will stand up for what is right and how he takes care of others. I love how funny he thinks he is and how much he loves.

Question for the groom: what do you love most about him?

I love how funny she is, I love how even when she’s feeling down she tries to make others feel good about themselves. I love how she snores and hogs the bed (even though she claims she doesn’t), I love how giving she is and expects nothing in return.

What’s your favorite part about wedding planning?

Alex: funnel cake truck
Alysen: picking out all of our favorite things to create a full day of them

What are you looking forward to most about your big day?

Alex: funnel cake truck, completing my family
Alysen: spending a day with all of my favorite people all together

Overland Park engagement session

Ruth Ann schulenberg

Love the pictures. Love the couple. I am a lucky Aunt.

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